Monday, February 18

Nutrition: Finally felt strong enough for at least a half-fast day. Waited to eat until I was really & truly hungry, at which point I also felt like ass. Eating helped.

5a-c reg
6a-c reg w/ T coconut milk
630a-taught class (did warm-up w/o jumps)
730a-Americano w/ SF syrup
930a-2c reg
12p-can tuna, oz almonds, med apple, Uberbar (forgot supps, took dose of Vit B)
215p-2c herbal tea
6p-pepperoni chips w/ Todd County baba ganoush, chicken sausage, asparagus, too much trail mix, kombucha, supps
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 91% quality. Finally some semblance of a good night's sleep - although it took a while to fall asleep (monkey mind) and I could easily have slept another hour. But it's a start.

Body: Neck/shoulders still tight, especially in AM, but improved quite a bit. Weirdness in left hip (inside, groin-ish area) doing lunges in class warm-up.

Foot is the same, hurts sharply without tape and/or with a bad tape job - there is a sweet spot for hitting the right squeeze. Even James didn't get it with his re-taping, had to re-do it again at TS. And then the arch hurt because it was too tight, and it got puffy. Sat most of the day.

At home, spent 20 minutes in the hot tub.

Brain: Tired. And truly sick of being tired. Got to do some leady stuff today which went well and gave me a tiny boost. Still, left a little early to give myself a treat.

I have been listening to the book Willpower. It's about concepts like ego depletion and decision fatigue - and I clearly see myself in these places. I can understand why I predictably fall apart during tax season, especially tax season + marathon training, and even more especially tax season + marathon training + job promotion.

I put it up here too often lately, but OMG SRLSY look at this list:
  • TS staff accountant
  • TS team lead
  • TS group fitness instructor
  • NSS admin
  • DBB tax preparer
  • landlord
  • LAPW leadership team
  • LAPW philanthropic committee
  • RFL co-captain
  • marathon trainer Boston marathon trainer injured Boston-marathon trainer
  • powerlifter
  • dieter
  • And much less pressure in these areas, but there nonetheless:
    • wife
    • friend
    • daughter
    • cat mom
Is it any wonder I'm feeling mentally beaten into a pulp? Anyone expect me to wear a cheerful countenance when every other step hurts? Is it a surprise to anyone besides me that this emotional eater would dive face-first into homemade trail mix bars or micro cakes?

Probably not.

But what's the solution?

Seriously, anyone?

Grateful: That my trail mix is gone. No more willpower needed.

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