Friday, February 22

Nutrition: Rest day, so I cut back a bit and aimed for low carbs. Since I was at the tax firm, and tired, I did more "snack meals" as opposed to big meals like yesterday. Worked well, but still felt quite snacky, like pretty much ALL DAY I was fighting cravings. WTF? It was the kind of day where I felt urges to eat my fists off or else take up drinking again. I did not drink due to the planned AM long run, but I sure did eat too much. Supper with Amy at The Corral meant ribs AND steak. NOM.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 10p(!)-6a, 85% quality. Turned in late because Hop & I were mapping out the summer calendar with his racing plans so we can work on vacation & housewarming timing. I got up feeling fairly rested, but I felt tired all damn day long.

Body: Fatigued overall, but foot feels fine (didn't tape it) and low back is good again. Annoyed going INTO deadlift day, but happy coming out? That's the magic of NSS! Sat all day at DBB.

Brain: Didn't really want to come to the tax firm today. Lack of coffee may have played a role in that attitude, but also just rather "bleah" & tired. The people were fun and awesome as always, but I just wanted a nap. My first client had a QuickBooks file that was a natural disaster, and usually this energizes me because I love to fix things...but today I was discouraged.

Oh, and our renters backed into the garage door. Blargh. Delegated to Hop with a text that was designed to guilt him into dealing with it, but they got it fixed before he called. Still, we should probably look at it, and by "we" I firmly mean "he."

And I told the tax boss I'd be in Sunday but only half the day. Naturally, he's fine with it. Naturally, I felt a little guilty, but I'm working on that.

Grateful: That coffee is so cheap. Nectar of the overworked!

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