Wednesday, January 23

Nutrition: No breakfast due to fasted bloodwork at 8am. Not even caffeine...cruel.

530a-c decaf, pullups
6a-c decaf w/ stevia
630a-taught class (did warmup)
730a-2c decaf
9a-Uberbar, oz almonds, c reg, 1 Reese's Piece (stingy this morning!), supps
1030a-2c reg
12p(restaurant)-awesome salad (romaine, baby carrots, cukes, radishs, grape tomatoes, 2 hb eggs, 3oz grilled chicken, balsamic [brought my own])
130p-oz almonds, supps
215p-Americano w/ SF syrup (free! quick coffee break w/ Amy: spoiled)
5p-2s baby peppers w/ 2T salsa, omelet (c asparagus, sl bacon, s chicken sausage, egg whites), micro cake, 2c decaf, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 845p-430a, 82% quality. In/out starting at 4a - made it an extra hour this time, yee haw! Feel okay. Took ZMA, which should get consistent now that I placed it on my bathroom sink and am not relying on memory.

Body: Wow, I sure haven't done swings in a looong time; my hammies are whining today! Slight tightness in forearms & biceps (why biceps?). Left glute a little jacked up, seems typical post-squat day.

Stretches x2 (645a, 8p). Pullups at home 5x4, /4, /1 - fairly hard from the get-go today. Fatigue from yesterday? As of this session, I am caught up to where I should be for the year on pull-ups to hit 5000. Cool beans!

Brain: STILL no word from Team Relations on the promotion. COME ON PEOPLE.

I saw my weight today at a medical check-up thing for life insurance: 144 lbs. When I started training with Dustin I weighed 7.5 lbs less than that. It's also 25 lbs heavier than when I hit my lightest weight two years ago. Obviously I have added muscle since then, but definitely not 25 lbs of it. I'm trying very hard not to let my perspective change because of one silly number, but holy crap, that's ugly and painful.

Grateful: For curly hair. The wind made it a little frizzy, so I slapped it into an updo mid-afternoon. Not perfect, but good enough for the last few hours of the day. That's an ability that I'm sure many straight-haired ladies would give a pinky to have!

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