Tuesday, January 8

Nutrition: High-carb, high-cal day. Thanks to waking up super duper early, I had time to make pancakes. Yum!

430a-pancakes topped w/ protein powder & SF syrup, c reg
5a-c reg w/ 2T coconut milk
6a-.5oz almonds, 2c reg, supps
7a-2c reg
9a-coconut flakes & Sunbutter, 1/4c fruit, can DP
12p-personal training
130p-can tuna w/ T mustard on 2 sl GF toast, med banana, med apple, supps
7p-4oz shrimp w/ 2T salsa, salad w/ pepitas & balsamic, 2oz nuts, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 9p-4a, 82% quality. Wide awake around 330a & couldn't fall back. Started thinking about breakfast, then work, and then it was all over.

Body: Glutes/hips a bit tight this morning, left especially. Low back bugging a bit by mid-day, but improved with movement in session - which felt excellent.

Stretches x2 (130p, 745p). Chin-ups in session 8, 8, 6 - disappointing. But happy I can say that!

Brain: Surprisingly good. Upbeat. Until computer software ate shit mid-afternoon and tech support (offsite, not our people) gave me a useless "answer" and went home for the day. GD, do I wish that were an option for me!

Grateful: For my shorter commute.

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