Sunday, January 20

Nutrition: Was not up to fasting (felt depleted in morning, thanks to senna tea working its magic) so played with meal sizes: normal breakfast, low-calorie at tax firm, then a big hearty supper that still wasn't quite satisfying. Was rather hungry 3p onward. Not the best way to eat for me. Ended up low-calorie though not low-carb.

6a-fried egg, s chicken sausage, 2 sl toast, sl coco-tein toast (toast topped w/ coconut oil mixed w/ vanilla protein powder - yum!), c reg, supps
645a-almond milk latte w/ stevia
8a-2c reg w/ SF syrup
930a-2c decaf w/ SF syrup
10a-Uberbar, bottle DCP
4p-few pecans
615p-salad w/ balsamic, 1 rib, .5c kraut, s pepperoni chips & salsa, micro cake, c herbal tea, supps
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 85% quality. Was in/out from 3a onward so I felt tired yet when I got up. Why didn't all of yesterday's calories, or the ZMA, help me sleep? What gives? Felt all right most of the day, but pretty tired by 7/730p.

Body: Typical post-long-run left knee aches in AM, normal by PM. Cool! Digestion normalized.

Stretches x2 (8a, 8p). Pull-ups 4x4, /4. Should have done 5s, but the first set felt tough (done after supper).

Brain: Decent. Tax firm all day, kept nice & busy. Only worked 8a-5p but my eyes felt quite gluey by the time I left.

Grateful: For the easiness of my job(s). Play with spreadsheets AND get paid?! Lucky, lucky girl.

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