Saturday, January 12

Nutrition: Moderate carbs, moderate calories. Snacky. I did cave and make a micro-cake at breakfast, though I managed to resist at supper.

8a-2 fried eggs, sausage/cabbage, micro cake, c reg, almond milk latte, supps
1030a-2sl protein bread
12p-2 hour treadmill walk/run
245p-salad w/ balsamic & pepitas, fried egg w/ 2sl GF toast, fudge bar, supps
645p-half rack ribs, 1/4c squash, 1/4c roasted squash seeds, 2c peppermint tea w/ 2T coconut milk, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 11 hours in bed, 830p-730a. Two chunks in sleep app: 830p-448a at 100%, then til 730a at 21% (but that felt better, there was one full sleep cycle). I had set the alarm for 5a, thinking I would get up and run, but I was still so dog tired that I decided sleep was more important. Clearly, with ELEVEN hours in bed, it was! And post-run, I napped another two hours, 330-530p. Daaaamn!

Body: Initially on getting up, I thought I should take another rest day, hit the tax firm today and run tomorrow, even did hair and makeup. But after breakfast I was feeling much better and decided I wanted to spend the day at home, use the treadmill later, and use the brain tomorrow.

A 10-mile treadmill run would have been tortuous, so instead I decided to log the time equivalent (1.5 hours) using the pre-programmed workouts in my treadmill (varying speeds/inclines). However, they were too easy (lot of walking) so I went for two hours: two medium, two hard. On the last one, I actually bumped up the speed several times because I still felt so good. Probably could have been doing that from the start, but I was focused on lasting the whole time. I debated going longer running straight out, but played conservative to avoid angering the body. Tough to find the balance of marathon training/injury recovery/injury avoidance.

While it was nowhere near the 10-mile outdoor run on my training plan, it feels like a win to have the brain make it that freaking long on a treadmill (thank you, Sklarbro Country!) and still feel good physically.

Stretches x3 (930a, 215p, 8p). Pull-ups after each treadmill workout, 5x4.

Brain: Quite good after all that sleep. Lots on the to-do list today (make food for the entire week, clean the entire house, treadmill, pay bills) but none of them meant leaving the house, which was so incredibly appealing, I can't even tell you. Also, I didn't clean the entire house...hardly any of it...ask me if I care. The workout felt good, the nap was great, the hubster made me ribs for supper, can't ask for much more than that!

Food prep: protein-y fake bread, 6 salads, slow-cooker rotisserie chicken, breakfast sausage - all set for the week.

Grateful: For a flexible crew at job #3, who doesn't care WHEN I come in, so long as I come in.

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