Saturday, January 19

Nutrition: Out with body comp goals. In with sleep goals. Gave myself 24 hours to eat whatever I wanted (a micro cake at every meal? don't mind if I do!) and then moved back to low-carb focus. Will fast again tomorrow, if I am feeling good.

445a-c reg
515a-micro cake
6a-7.81m run
9a-2 fried eggs, 2.5 sl bacon, .5c squash, 2 sl toast, sl dessert toast (toast, coconut butter, jelly), half bottle DCP, c reg, supps
130p-salad w/ balsamic, c cole slaw, 3oz chicken w/ honey mustard, half bottle DCP, supps
230p-micro cake, can DP
4p-20min treadmill jog/walk 
6p-s turkey pepperoni chips w/ T salsa, sl bacon & few artichoke hearts (great combo!), 6oz pork carnitas topped w/ c cole slaw, pomegranate w/ coconut milk, chocolate chips w/ coconut oil, supps
7p-c senna tea w/ coconut oil
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 84% quality. Quite solid, dozing for last half hour or so. Felt MUCH better than I have all week, did not even question whether I wanted to get up and run!

After run, breakfast, & a shower, I took a nap: 2.75 hours, 1015a-1p; the last hour was very in/out because I was so chilly. Stupid wind! One good deep hour, though I felt like more would have been very welcome.

Body: Fantastic. The run felt really good, total confidence booster, no qualms about the slow pace or walk breaks because I am so sure they are exactly why I felt so good. Added treadmill time to soothe concerns over training schedule's 12 miles vs reality's 8 miles. Digestion angry, don't think it liked all those cashews last night.

Stretches x1 because I am so forgetful: (8p). Pull-ups after treadmill 4x4, /4.

Brain: Here are the rainbows and sunshine! I felt good getting up, on the run, after the run, everything. Knocked out my chores, made a ton of food (salads, breakfast sausage, pork carnitas, bacon & artichokes), paid my bills, soaked in the hot tub. A wonderful day.

I did have some moments where I replayed interview pieces and started to hate myself, but managed to shut down those thoughts and move on.

Feeling okay with giving up the fat loss goal and prioritizing running/life again; only wish I had made the decision last weekend, and perhaps that interview wouldn't have sucked so badly.

Grateful: For fellow runners. Chatting with Brett & Mark kept me from ever getting up in my head on the run this morning. Lovely!

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