Monday, January 28

Nutrition: Fasted until supper. I had to, for my brain. Last week's calories averaged 2229. That's 200 over where I'm supposed to be - and it negates a full brutal week of sticking to 1600. Very disappointed in myself. Anyway, cold all day as per usual, but hunger was not bad at all. Was going to fast ALL day but then remembered my goal is performance. So I ate a big, filling supper. Felt good, may eat this way more often, so long as sleep holds up.

5a-c reg
6a-c reg, supps
630a-taught class (did warm-up)
7a-pulls & pushes
745a-2c reg
11a-2c decaf w/ SF syrup
1p-supps, c reg
3p-2c herbal tea
6p-6oz chicken w/ roasted veg, 2 small apples w/ PB2 & choco protein, 2s chili pistachios, 2c decaf w/ 2T coconut milk, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-444a, 94% quality. Dozing in/out final half hour but again it felt like bonus rest.

Body: Felt great until class warm-up, when sore legs became obvious. Continued feeling great after pulls/presses, but then in yoga, I discovered very sore glutes, tight hams, achey shins, weak arms (though that's probably from the pulls/presses). Bit of an annoyed left shoulder/neck in afternoon. Both shins slightly annoyed.

Stretches x3 (830a, 1230p, 8p). Foam rolled in eve. Contrast shower. Eeesh! Pull-ups 5x4, /5. OH presses 55x5x4, push press 55x5.

Brain: Pretty good all day. Busy and productive.

Grateful: For snuggly kitties.

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