Wednesday, December 5

5a-2 fried eggs, 2 sl bacon, c reg w/ 2T coconut milk, supps
6a-c reg
630a-taught class (warmup only, no jumps)
730a-Americano w/ SF syrup
930a-2c half-caff
1030a-coconut flakes w/ Sunbutter, can DC
1p-foam-rolling & stretching w/ Joy
130p-can tuna w/ 2T mustard, oz almonds, 2c decaf w/ T coconut creamer, supps
4p-oz almonds
730p-salad w/ pepitas & oil & vinegar, 3oz pork roast, 2c decaf, supps
Throughout day-2 quarts water
Low-carb day.

Sleep 8.5 hours in bed, 815p-445a. Yes, I went to bed earlier than your children. What of it? Up at 2a for bathroom, woke a few times after that, but feeling well-rested.

Body: Good! Sore hammies, must be from squats. Sight bit of weirdness in hip flexors. Low back bugged a bit toward end of day...stress. Seeing bits and pieces of body comp progress, which is motivating. Mainly in legs in arms, tiniest bit in belly. Come on, belly!

Took a rest day; had planned a metcon-type workout but figured (a) that might not be smart on a mentally stressful day (b) given that stress, I should really save the body for tomorrow at NSS. So I met my JoyBuddy instead for stretching & the foam roller & we caught up a bit. Nice!

BW pulls, AM 6x4; PM 5x3. Stretches x3 (6am / 1pm / 8pm).

Brain: Okay.

Was doing better in the AM until Hop heard back from the dude who made us an offer on the house - he said his wife told him to pass on it. Crapsticks. Or is he just playing hardball? On the bright side, we did have someone look at it tonight who is interested in renting. And she LIKED my cats!

Feeling stressed today, but don't want to dwell on any of it, but need to vent a bit, so I am just going to make a list of things I could freak out over but won't and maybe it won't seem so bad and then maybe I'll be fine.

Here goes:
-month-end at TS this week
-tons of other work the rest of the month
-worrying about TS year-end in January, with a heavier work-load than usual year-end
-applying for promotion at TS which means resume creation and interview practice
-finding time to help with NSS project work before new year
-LAPW to-do list
-upcoming tax season at DBB
-not running for Six. Long. Weeks.
-Boston training starting a month later than planned, and from scratch mileage (assuming James even fixes me)
-packing up our house and moving
-selling or renting our house
-have several folks for whom I'd really love to buy little xmas gifts but can't because (see next line)
-spending as little money as possible
-eating for fat loss
-having a [small] acne reaction and no idea why
-desperately craving a long walk in the woods (this extended disconnect from nature is more painful than the not-running)
-not only did I not receive a birthday gift from my parents, I also realized that I didn't get one from the team Fun Squad
-yes, I'm too old to care about birthday gifts
-but I'm not too old to care about being cared about

Shit, that did NOT help. Now I just want to curl into a ball under my desk.

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