Thursday, December 20

6a-2 sl bacon, c cabbage, micro cake, c reg
730a-c reg w/ stevia
915a-Americano w/ SF syrup, coconut flakes w/ Sunbutter
1030a-2c decaf
12p-personal training
115p-can tuna, 2 banana bread muffins
7p-4oz plain chicken, c broccoli, c iceberg w couple cukes & baby carrots, 3c reg
1015p-micro cake, 3 banana bread muffins
Throughout day-2 quarts water
High-carb day, put them after lifting only. Supposed to be moderate, but massive house stress promoted a late snack that was all carbs. It's dumb, but, well, it happens.

Supplement-free day. Mostly because I forgot until I was about to walk out the door but also because I feel like it can't hurt to skip now & then.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a. Woke at 3a, in/out after that. Woke naturally but feel a bit tired. Stretches at PT.
Body: Feels great! Stretches at PT only (effed-up day). Pulls in session: 12 (PR!), 10, 7 (w/ kips: 9/3, 8/2, 5/2). Also did 4 kips in eve.

Brain: A roller-coaster-of-emotions day. Mostly good, but for all-day house stress.
  • Physical therapy: I am cleared to try running this weekend!
  • NSS: Pull-up PR!
  • Interview: Awesome!
  • Humane society delivery: Warm fuzzies!
  • Xmas party: Fun!
  • Old house: Rented! To family!
  • New house: HUGE all-day drama over whether we could close tomorrow: exhausting. The day did end with a sliver of hope, but just a sliver. is good.

Sabrina is as happy as any of the left 3 piggies...not so much the poor little piglet in pink!

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