Sunday, December 30

530a-2 fried eggs, c kraut, 4 sl bacon, 2c reg w/ 2T coconut milk, supps
9a-micro cake, 2c reg w/ T coconut milk
1p-few slices bread*
430p-salad w/ pepitas & vinegar, chicken leg, few slices cashew bread, can SF lemonade pop, supps
5p-chicken skin & bones (as I shredded the cooked meat**)
8p-c senna tea w/ T coconut oil
Throughout day-2 quarts water
Low-carb again, but no calorie restriction due to the cold. Added B12 to daily supps.

*Paleo sourdough bread - It has the texture of moist, dense banana bread, and is deliciously nutty, but not quite what I was hoping for. I'm pretty sure this is because I had no baking soda & substituted baking powder as prescribed by the interwebz (I was warned it would be a shifty result, but I was desperate). Anyway, I will make it again, this time with proper ingredients!

**Pork carnitas recipe with chicken instead. Slow-cook on low ~20 hours, remove bones & skin (eat them, tip for the chef!), turn to high for a few hours, until juices cook down.

Sleep: In bed 7.25 hours, 945p-5a. 69% quality, but it felt worse than that; felt like I woke up a bunch. Tired as hell. Didn't even put in contacts. Napped 130-4p after shopping, got a good solid cycle in, snuggled up with Oscar.

Body: Cold has me feeling worse overall, but I am now coughing, which is [painful] progress, I guess. Digestion shut down...don't think it liked the cashews. Did some new-household shopping with Hop and was easily fatigued, lighting area gave me a headache, etc. Delightful. By which I mean tortuous.

Didn't attempt pull-ups. Stretched in eve only, like a dumbass.

Brain: Bleah. I am very disappointed in my weekend being all screwed up by a stupid little cold, in regards to both productivity and to fat loss. I am also aware that my own prioritization kept me from eating for fat loss. I wanted to feel better pronto so that I can lift with Joy tomorrow, run with NSS on Tuesday, and resume my regularly-scheduled training plan on Wednesday...that meant I needed to eat more. I could have kept calories low to keep fat loss going and instead let the cold impact my next who-knows-how-many workouts, but I chose the quick recovery. I'm glad I did, but I'm mad that I had to.

On the other hand, if a cold is the worst thing I've got going on...and it is...then I'm a very lucky girl.

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