Sunday, December 23

630a-2 fried eggs, 2c stir fry, 2oz pork roast, 2T mustard, micro cake, 2c reg
830a-3.4m run/walk
930a-2c reg
1230p-c cole slaw, .5c raw broccoli/baby carrots, 3oz turkey, 6oz ham
2p-2 glasses DP
730p-3oz turkey, c cole slaw & sweet pickles, c roasted cauliflower, micro cake, 2c cocoa tea, supps
Throughout day-2 quarts water
Low carb and somewhat low calorie to make up for moving weekend. More conscious of water intake today. Forgot supps til supper, though.

Sleep: In bed 8.5 hours, wow. Felt like I woke a lot, but sleep graph shows 100%!! Very tired about 4p.

Body: Good. Senna tea (& sleep, probably) did its magic in the morning so I felt much better. Less cow, more gazelle! Run was fine. Threw in walk/run cycle to test the shin differently, since that made it extra angry way back on that last run with Lisa.

Brain: Great! Good run. Calmer kitties. Family xmas lunch. Fun household shopping.Working computer/internet. Two more days off!

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