Sunday, December 2

3a-T coconut milk
815a-c reg
845a-2.32m walk
945a-fried egg, chicken sausage, fatty micro cake, c reg w/ T coconut milk, supps
3p-2 venison dogs w/ c kraut, supps
530p-greens w/ half avocado, pepitas, oil & vinegar, c roasted cauliflower, 2c decaf tea, supps
Throughout day-2 quarts water

Low-carb day. Could have been moderate, but the low caloric total I had to hit (to hit 1800 average) had me limiting carbs. Both hunger and cravings well under control today, nice.

Sleep: In bed 11 hours, 9p-8a. Damn, eh? However, it took a while to fall asleep; woke hot/sweaty/gross at 3a (drink of water, ate bit of fat); also woke at 5a, 6a, finally felt wide awake when I woke at 8a.

I blame the 3am wake-up on the extra-large supper, even though it was almost carb-less. So it would seem any and every time I eat a large supper, over 600-ish calories, I am going to experience a blood sugar drop big enough to wake me up (and need to eat something) about 8 hours later. That is a level of sensitivity I could happily live without.

Body: Felt good when I got up, nothing in shin. Not too energetic but followed plan to walk before breakfast. Shin fine. At 1.8m I tried running and could feel right ankle (not shin). Went back to walking. Also, my shoes felt way narrow, was in super old fatties. Tried foam roller in eve and could feel pain about equal to Thursday at session. About an hour later, and immediately after a trip down/up stairs (5th or 5th of the day), the shin hurt off & on. The hell?

Rest day from pullups after yesterday's madness. Had planned to lift over the weekend but no desire either day. Let it go.

Small rebound: after writing this, I did log some BW pulls after all: 5x3.

Brain: Surprisingly tired and unmotivated all day; weird that the long night in bed didn't feel better. Minimal packing today, instead did my weekly chores, watched a bit of TV, and worked on my résumé - which was challenging. You may have noticed I struggle to talk about my accomplishments and strengths?

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