Saturday, December 29

6a-2 fried eggs, .25c roasted cauliflower, 3oz carnitas, 2 almond milk lattes, supps
8a-c reg
11a-2 fried eggs, slice ham, 4c reg, supps
415p-big ass salad w/ pepitas & vinegar, 2s turkey pepperoni chips w/ guac, can SF lemonade, s kombucha, supps
6p-6oz cashews & pecans
Throughout day-2 quarts water
Low-carb, but didn't restrict too much due to sickness, just tried to stay moderate, which worked until I dove into cashews. Yeah, that happened.

Sleep: 6.75 hours in bed, 11p-545a. 79% quality, woke a couple times wide awake, though I didn't need to get up. Woke naturally, but felt tired yet.

Body: Stiff. Tired. Low back bugged late in day. Cold is now a very sore throat with some sinus/head pressure, and feeling slow & stupid. Took another rest day (intended to run, get a solid 45 minutes in before the New Year's Day 11k) in hopes of faster recovery.

Had planned a half-fast day again, but I'm taking the Whole9 advice not to add any extra stress, and just moderating as able. Example: ate breakfast rather than fasting, BUT when I craved a micro cake post-breakfast, I shot it down as a mental want, not a physical need.

Couldn't stop the cashew & pecan inhalation with logic, though. No mas!

Pull-ups died, wow: 3, 3, 3, 3, /3. Stretched once in eve.

Brain: Disappointed at having a cold wreck my plans and upset with myself for over-eating. But had a nice day including brunch with my too-cool 13-year old goddaughter, a visit with the parents, and a husband who spent the day organizing the garage. Used hot tub for the first time: very relaxing!

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