Monday, December 31

545a-fried egg, 2 sl bacon, 4 sl cashew bread, 2c reg w/ 2T coconut milk, supps
630a-taught class (only a bit of warmup, just to move around a bit)
730a-Americano w/ SF syrup
9a-2c reg
11a-coconut flakes w/ Sunbutter, Larabar
1p-2c coconut cocoa tea (OMG yum)
2p-can DCC (getting tired)
315p-powerlifting meetup
6p-spaghetti squash w/ turkey pepperoni & tomato paste, banana "ice cream" w/ PB2 & SF syrup, micro cake, 5 shelled nuts, c decaf, decaf almond milk latte w/ SF syrup, supps
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water
High-carb day due to the workout/sickness combo, and plans to run tomorrow morning. Serious hunger while lifting.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 82% quality. Took a bit to fall asleep (serious coughing fit ~30min in, had to get up for water) woke at 3, & was in/out afterward, but it was super duper solid until then. (Thank you, NyQuil!) I got up feeling good, considering.

Body: Cold is much better. Head still feels full, but no drainage or coughing - until 7p or so, when I started coughing again and couldn't stop yawning. Heeded it and went to bed early.

Lifting with Joy was very nice, it was fun to lift heavy and laugh at the boys doing their chest work. And the dudes lifting in jeans YES I AM SERIOUS. Disappointed the deadlifts didn't feel better, and I should be thrilled with the squats, but on those I am focused on the poor depth. However, given that on the drive over to the Y, I was equally willing to lift or nap, I need to be satisfied with the showing.

Stretches x3 (745a, 815p).

Brain: Meh. Bummed at being unable to blast out of 2012 with heavy lifts. Thinking in general about relation to fitness, it was a decent year for lifting (if I remove a few months), but a rather shitty year for running; in relation to the rest of life, 2012 was pretty damned great. Job happiness (including delightful 2nd job), great husband & family & friends (and their health & such), great fantastically awesome new house, etc. So let's maintain and then tack some great fitness accomplishments onto allathat for 2013, m'kay?

Last week's numbers not nearly as bad as I expected: 1771 calories, 101g carbs. Given the goal of 1600 calories & 72g carbs, it's a poor showing, but given Christmas AND a crappy cold, that's pretty good. Still, not much time left to devote to fat loss, hence I need to get back at it with a little ferocity.

Marathon training plan has been devised. Will get approval/feedback from the Chief, but it's so conservative that I think he might tell me it's not enough. I basically designed it as though the runner is super susceptible to injury and overly sensitive to life stress, and all focus must be on preparing for & then recovering from the long run. Because, like it or not: that's the situation.

So I’m planning on running just twice per week, then also deloading every other weekend. With the added mental stress of tax season (though I’m only working Saturday or Sunday, unless toward the end of each month I can nab a couple extra weekdays), and potentially promotion stress (my interview is next Monday), and not being all that excited about winter running, I think that going super conservative like this will be best for both my brain & my body. I even slotted the deload runs on weekends after month-end close, audit, etc, so that I’m not going into any long runs overly-stressed. The only challenge is that the long-run distance is a 3-mile increase each time, rather than 2, but I feel like it’s doable: 9 5 12 5 15 5 18 5 21 5 24 10 5 26.2.

Something that might help motivate would to figure out what I want to do post-Boston. Maybe some trail adventure that would make me look at Boston as a training base. But I'm also ready for some serious lifting goals. Can't I do it all?

Wellness-related awesomeness in 2012:
-1/14/12 - participated in first powerlifting meet w/ 155 back squat, 110 bench press (5# PR), 225 deadlift (20# PR) -6/11/12 - 185 RDL, on 10th set.
-6/12/12 - Jump rope: 100 skips like a normal person.
-7/21/12 - Craved vegetables on vacation. Not junk food!
-7/24/12 - Four-day vacation hiking the "Seven Summits" of the Superior Hiking Trail with ease.
-8/18/12 - Completed Ragnar Relay without injury, and our team placed 6th!!
-10/14/12 - TRAIN and STAY weekend a pain-free success.
-11/23/12 - Pulled a 215 trapbar deadlift, fairly smooth; landed 70 overhead press with a slight stick, on zero practice!
-11/25/12 - Landed 155 squat for the first time since the meet AND in crappy basement setup; landed 110 bench press for the first time since the meet!
-12/1/12 - FIVE consecutive 10-lb weighted pullups! TWICE.
-12/9/12 - 195 barbell deadlift in crappy basement setup.
-12/11/12 - 95x6 front squat on just second session returning to them.
-12/2812 - I hosted a tea swap at my new house. Who does that?!
-12/31/12 - 165 back squat!

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