Monday, December 24

430a-2 fried eggs, c kraut, 2oz pork roast, micro cake, 2 almond milk lattes, supps
7a-5 hours cleaning old house
1230p-salad w/ pepitas & oil & vinegar, cole slaw, pickles, micro cake, 2c decaf, can SF lemonade pop, supps
3p-bag pork jerky, bottle DC
315p-2 hours cleaning
7p-6oz assorted meats: ham, turkey, roast beef; c raw veg: grape tomatoes, celery, cauliflower, c reg
Throughout day-3 quarts water
Low-carb day.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, not too great. Woke twice. VERY tired at 4p, 8p.

Body: Back hurt when flipping over in bed, plus felt like I had the start of a cold. Better when I got up, but feeling quite stiff. Left glute tight. All-day cleaning was exhausting. Digestive system angry again. Feeling very depleted.

Brain: Okay. Tired. Cleaning all day sucked ass. Supper at Hoppe family Xmas was fun.

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