Friday, December 21

445a-slice ham, c cabbage, micro cake, c reg
615a-c reg
7a-2c reg w/ SF syrup
8a-Larabar, bottle DCP
1130a-20-min test run
115p-2 hot dogs, c kraut, T mustard, Larabar, s seeds
230p-2c decaf w/ SF syrup
330p-5 hours cleaning
6p-6oz roast pork w/T mustard, half bottle DCP
10p-s seeds, 2 hot dogs, c cabbage, T mustard
Throughout day-.5 quarts water (terrible)
Low-carb day. No supps, forgot/busy.

Sleep: 5.25 hours in bed, 1130p-445a. Worst sleep graph EVER.

Terrible quantity AND terrible quality. Ugh.

Body: Pretty damn good, test run went well. Tightness inside right ankle/Achilles about a mile in but didn't get worse and was gone when I stopped.

Brain: Tired and stressed most of day due to house-close waffling. Fucked up nutrition and water and everything poorly managed. But we closed YAAAAY! And then cleaned until past my bedtime. The whole day was just freaking exhausting. I'd rather run a marathon.

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