Wednesday, November 28

445a-spinach & egg white omelet w/ salsa, chicken sausage, chocolate coconut stack, c reg w/ 2T coconut milk, supps
545a-c reg
630a-taught class (warm-up, suitcase carry, farmer's walk)
745a-2c reg
8a-2c half-caff
930a-oz almonds
10a-2c decaf w/ splash coconut creamer
12p-6 slices deli meat, 2T mustard, 5 tomato slices, 10 pickle slices, 2 lettuce leaves (roughly), can DC, 2c reg
130p-oz almonds, supps
4p-.5oz almonds
7p-3 bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, .25c green beans, c potatoes w/ olive oil (no supps)
Throughout day-3 quarts water
Low carb day, except I didn't skip the potatoes at Amy's.

Sleep: 6.75 hours in bed, 945p-430a. Friends stayed until 9, far too late. Woke at 3, little dose of h/s/g but mild and fell back quickly. Not enough, but feel okay.

Body: Feeling yesterday's squats, backside a little tight in class warm-up; right hip flexor also super tight & weird, felt it in initial squats in class warm-up, but as I moved & fixed form it went away. Slightest tightness in ankle when I tried jumping jacks in class warm-up, so I stopped. Thinking that I may start my weekend mileage test with a walk on Friday at lunch.

10-lb weighted pulls, AM 3, 2, 2. 15-lb during class 1x4, during mobility 1x3.

Logged a quick mobility session at the end of the day, just something to get moving and get my pulls in. Shin was painful on foam roller, much worse than it was Tuesday before session. Ack!

Brain: Excellent. Free lunch with the team, Jill & Joani, for the award we won this year. Then a belated birthday supper at Amy's!

Restaurant victory: I was a smarter food-allergen-having customer today. I called Arrowwood to ask about our menu before we went. Learned it was a salad/sandwich bar - perfect! Except: the three "salads" were pasta & potato salads and cottage cheese. BLARGH. So I ate "sandwiches" made of meat, lettuce, tomato, mustard, & pickle. Yeah, that was awesome. Whatever.

At least I've finally learned not to depend on the server to know what is in stuff (example: Saturday night's Fire Station server told me that the mashed potatoes had nothing in them...but they tasted like instant potatoes that were pre-buttered so I stopped after one tiny bite). Another victory: I am not reacting from that outing! I had scraped off the sauce on my ribs, but didn't avoid all of it. But I also didn't eat the skin of the broasted chicken. Perhaps that is what I reacted to last time? It didn't seem to be breaded, but it could have been lightly coated, and either way it was surely fried in oils that I can't tolerate. I really wanted to eat it, too. Few things are better than hot fried chicken skin!

Eliminated a stress: I was supposed to attend a Relay for Life summit on Saturday that I've been anxious about because it will kill the whole day - and I wasn't able to ditch out on TS to gain a free day because I'm already out Friday for a tax update class. And finally, since we move in three short weeks...I need my weekends free to pack. And pack. And PACK! So I backed out. And tried not to feel guilty, but I did.

List of reasons why the world needs you to be awesome:
1. Being awesome is life changing.
2. Once you level up your awesome, rarely will you return to lower levels of "kinda sorta" awesome. 
3. When people see you being awesome, they feel more inspired & determined to unlock their own awesomeness.  
4. Unicorns will be given to all of the awesome people at some point. Do you REALLY wanna be the only one of your friends NOT flying around on a mythical creature?
Please be awesome.
-Rog Law

Break out the awesomesauce and put on your awesomecape today, folks. I mean, did you see #4?! I need to get my unicorn!

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