Wednesday, November 21

545a-oz walnuts, supps
6a-bag pork jerky, 2c reg
630a-taught class (warm-up w/o jumps only)
730a-Americano w/ SF syrup
930a-coconut flakes & Sunbutter, 4 Reese's Pieces, 2c decaf w/ stevia
1p-6oz chicken w/ RoTel, oz almonds, 1 macaroon, 3 Reese's Pieces, 2c half caff, supps
515p-.5oz walnuts, salad w/ pepitas, half avocado, oil & vinegar, supps
7p-sampled pie crust, tart crust, bacon-wrapped chestnuts & dates
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water
Low carb day.

Sleep: In bed 8.25 hours, 845p-5a. Up at 315a for bathroom, took a long while to fall back, but mostly dozing, not a monkey mind. Did manage to fall soundly back but was rudely woken by the alarm at 5a, ugh. Tired.

Body: Shin/ankle all tight yet, but the sharpness is back down to dull. Started the day feeling rather shot & debated a rest day, but class went so great (everyone smoked their bench press!) that I left feeling pretty jacked and planned to return at noon for some Fun With Weights.

By noon, though? Very tired, lethargic, feeling beat up, not at all interested in a workout...or anything besides a instead I ran errands to get a dose of sunshine.

10-lb weighted pulls, PM: 1x6. Too tired in AM.

Brain: Other than not wanting to be at work today, doing okay. Definitely smart to take a rest day based on the body, but the brain was missing those endorphins big time. By noon I was feeling VERY incredibly "I. Want. A. Nap." Did errands, then sat in car for a while to get more sunshine. Didn't help very much. Once inside, I trudged to fridge to get my lunch, and found a surprise in my drawer:

A birthday gift from my BeloveBuddy Joy.

LOVE that girl! Exactly the boost I needed. Was still tired as crap, but had a better attitude. And coffee helped the tiredness.

Also helped the attitude: deciding to leave early at 4, after I figured out I'd still have 40 hours in this week, though just barely. And that immediately made me feel guilty, which made me angry at myself, because WHY would I feel guilty logging "only" 40 hours - all of which made me even more determined to leave at 4!


Another happy point in the day: I locked in our mortgage rate at 3.25%. Hop's reply exactly sums it up: "Holy shit that's low!"

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