Tuesday, November 6

445a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, c kraut, c reg, almond milk latte, supps
650a-walked 2 blocks to be the first voter!
7a-c reg
8a-Americano w/ SF syrup
915a-coconut flakes w/ Sunbutter, c reg
12p-personal training
130p-5oz tuna w/ 2T mustard on 1.5 sl GF bread, med banana, 4 macaroons, supps*
2p-2c sugar cookie apple cider tea
630p-4oz tilapia, c stir fry, salad w/ oil & vinegar, supps
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

*Carb re-feed meal #1 for the week, hooray! I felt stuffed immediately afterward, but normal rest of day. Experiment: kept calories close to 1600 despite the extra carbs. Will see what happens to sleep, compared to last week, with my only change being the macros.

Today I input my meal template into Sparkpeople to gauge my accuracy. I've been misjudging my avocado calories but otherwise am pretty much spot on. However, I need to change my lunch veg because the mix I have now is putting me closer to 100g carbs than 70g. It's those damn delicious fall veg from Ploughshare! (Yes, they are super healthy, but they are not fat-loss foods.)

So a question for JOY or HEATHER or other knowledgable peeps: what should I do with them that I can freeze and stash away to eat in smaller doses?

Sleep: In bed 8.25 hours, 9p-415a. Very solid. Still on half a Benadryl. Will aim to cut it out completely this weekend.

Body: Extremely tight lower legs thanks to the Vibrams. Kind of shocking, felt like "I ought to have more strength than this!" But, whatever, I don't. Rolling pin in AM, FR at session, Stick in eve.

Outer right ankle more annoyed in afternoon. Jump rope?

Low back got tight around 430p, but I blame that on work stress & feeling like I would be there until 7pm. (Fortunately I was able to leave by 530p, but I had to jump on at home for another hour after supper...can't decide if that's a win.)

10-lb weighted pulls, eve: 2x3.


AM: Voting day! First voter in West Union! Anyone reading this should know I vote liberal. I am for the little guy at all times. So I got my Obama on and this smart pretty lady voted no, twice over! (But I'm not one of those super political assholes who gives a crap about how you vote. I still love my Fox-News-loving parents. I feel incredibly strongly about my opinions, but I typically avoid the topic all around. Rarely worth the battle and never worth the hard feelings.)

Anyway, brain in the PM: Blargh. I want a new job: Powerball Winner.

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