Tuesday, November 20

5a-fried egg, chicken sausage, c kraut, 2 sl GF toast, c reg w/ almond milk, supps
615a-c reg
930a-coconut flakes w/ Sunbutter, oz almonds, can Zevia
12p-personal training
130p-6oz chicken w/ RoTel, c roasted veg, grapefruit, supps
6p-egg white omelet w/ spinach & salsa, chicken sausage, 2 sl GF toast, 2c decaf w/ 2T coconut creamer, supps
7p-.5oz walnuts
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Moderate carb day, putting both of them on my Dustin days this week. Low carb days will sandwich high-carb Thanksgiving & my birthday...and those carbs I am definitely looking forward to. Thanksgiving: sweet potato, pumpkin pie, lemon tart. Birthday: pumpkin pancakes, sweet potato hash browns, French toast, breakfast for every meal - unless I can get the hubster to fit a meal out into his hunting schedule. Wishing I could go running to earn those carbs, but if not: heavy lifting will suffice. It always does!

Sleep: In bed 8.5 hours, 830p-5a. Up for bathroom at 130a, fell back quickly. Dozing for the last half hour or so, feel rested.

Body: Feeling good but for shin, and right bicep, which has actually been sore for a few days now, but so minor I keep forgetting about it.

Regularly having VERY minor headaches lately, that feel purely like dehydration & go away once I slam a little water (usually AM or PM). But if I bump up beyond 2 quarts, or drink basically any water after supper, I guarantee myself a mid-night bathroom visit. Hm.

Brain: Pretty good! House panic gone, now just excited...at least for now!

Ego-boosting quote:
I am kind of using you as my "model" on this because you are a quite small person, like me.
-from Shannon, a teensy tiny little nugget of a woman who could fit in my pocket (in regards to advice about the powerlifting meet, which I can't stop thinking about. Want. To. Go!!)

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