Thursday, November 29

445a-3oz pork roast, sl egg bake, squash biscuit, c reg w/ T coconut milk, 2 cc stacks, supps
515a-c reg
615a-cc stack, 2c reg w/ T coconut milk
7a-Americano w/ SF syrup
9a-biscuit, cc stack, 2c decaf
1015a-oz almonds
12p-personal training
115p-chicken sausage, 2 biscuits, cc stack, supps
6p-6oz chicken w/ RoTel, salad w/ vinegar, 2c coconut tea, supps
7p-cc stack, 2c decaf w/ T coconut milk
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water
Moderate carb day. Super snacky at breakfast, justified by poor sleep. That needs to quit! Tomorrow is tax update class so I will be out of my usual eating element. Will use that to my advantage.

Sleep: 6.5 hours in bed, 10p-430a. In late due to supper at Amy's. Woke around 3 or so and dozed in/out until I gave up. Ugh. Feeling okay. Not great, not terrible. Quite tired on drive home, 5p. And kinda stupid, too. Better after supper.

Body: Heel bottoms hurt when I first got up. All else is fine, maybe a bit of all-over fatigue. Don't feel anything in the shin while moving. Sat at desk anyway. Afternoon at NSS, so more sitting.

Session felt great. Strong. Could feel shin a tiny bit in Prowler push, but if I shortened my step somewhat (lifting before full extension) then it didn't hurt.

Brain: Starting to worry again that I have a black/white choice of being a thin non-runner or a fat runner, that dieting means my injuries will never heal. Because while I am beginning to understand the difficulty (or perhaps downright impossibility) of losing fat while marathon training - at this point I'm not even remotely training for a marathon. I'm not running at all. My calories are not that low. Yet 30 seconds of hopping aggravated the shin?! What the eff am I supposed to do? Anyway, I am doing my best to keep my brain from running willy-nilly down this dark alley...but it's hard not to worry.

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