Sunday, November 25

1a-Larabar, sip coconut milk
2a-turkey w/ mustard, NC
8a-2c reg, supps
9a-heavy singles
1130a-2c reg w/ stevia
1p-c black tea
2p-can Zevia
430p-salad w/ pepitas, turkey, oil and vinegar; 2 venison brats w/ c kraut; 2c coconut tea w/ T coconut milk; Uberbar; supps
6p-2 paleomg banana bread cookies (meh)
Throughout day-2 quarts water

Low-carb day that I made into a half-fast day to make up somewhat for the birthday extravagances. Felt perfectly fine until I got hungry at 4p, so then I ate.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, but 930p-1a and 245a-8a Up at 1, h/s/g blood sugar crash, ate fat. Could not fall back (monkey mind: how are we going to afford new house?!), so I got back up and ate protein. Responded to 70 birthday posts on FB. May not directly help sleep, but it helped the monkey mind. Woke when Hop's 615a hunting alarm went off, but fell right back and woke naturally at 8.

WTF is up with the mid-night waking? Supper was almost no carbs, not that high in calories, and micro cake was fat/protein based...frustrating.

Body: Shin/ankle quite a bit better. Other than time, the only changes would be higher calories, not having foam-rolled the area since Tuesday, very little standing. Hm. Hams tight. Workout was fantabulous: basement squat PR (I think) and a return to bench press PR. So very glad my body seems to enjoy heavy singles as much as my brain does.

10-lb weighted pulls: AM, 2x3; workout 1x12; afternoon: FOUR straight (goal is 5)!

Brain: Good! Busy productive day.

POTD: Gotta love The Oatmeal.

This is how you should begin each & every day.

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