Sunday, November 11

230a-.5oz almonds, fried egg, hot dog, .5c asparagus, micro cake, 2c decaf w/ 2T coconut milk, supps
815a-2s pork stew (see below), 2oz coconut cashews
930a-c reg, can Zevia
10a-lightweight lifting
1145a-2 eggs, giant ham slice (Coffee Pot Cafe: highly recommend!), 4c reg w/ Splenda (yeah, their coffee ain't that good, though)
315p-c roasted cauliflower
430p-2.5oz coconut cashews
6p-pork stew, bell peppers w/ salsa, Larabar, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Due to sleep and ankle, made executive decision to stay low-carb but not restrict calories. Doubled fish oil today.

Sleep: In bed 9 hours, but in a rotten manner: 915p-230a and 415-8a. Wide awake about 130a, couldn't fall back. Got up to snack on almonds but felt so wide awake, ate full breakfast. Read until I got tired, back to bed at 415a.

Yesterday was high calories, so now what have I got to explain the terrible sleep? Nothing. Frustration.

Body: Still feeling the ankle, about the same as yesterday post-run, even late in eve. Low back a bit bugged when tossing/turning. Knees stiff as though I had a long run yesterday.

Felt unambitious at the Y, glad I had planned a very low-key day. Chins tougher than normal, all else felt solid. Cut out final planned set to hit lunch date. Walked out feeling better than walking in.

Brain: Spark-less. Frustrated by ankle and sleep and lack of fat loss (knowing that last one may be untrue, I have no objective measurement). Saddened by slow ankle recovery, and blaming low calories. Why can't I be Wonder Woman and Do All The Things??

Semi-defeated and beat down, but not completely. Close, though.

Debated afternoon nap but didn't want to impact overnight asleep. Vegged with TV, book, kitties.

Food prep:
-salads (herb mix, cauliflower, bell peppers, celery)
-pork stew (2 pork tenderloins, 2 onions, summer squash, .5 eggplant, can diced tomatoes, can artichoke hearts, jar banana peppers. Slow-cook for 24 hours. Tasty!)
-breakfast chicken sausage
-thawed 1 package uncured beef hot dogs, and 2 packages Bilinski chicken sausages

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