Saturday, November 3

530a-2 fried eggs, c asparagus, chicken sausage, c reg w/ stevia, supps
615a-half Larabar, c reg
845a-basement lifting
1030a-c reg w/ stevia
12p-scrambled eggs, bunch of bacon, bunch of reg w/ bunch of coconut milk
430p-4oz sweet spicy almonds, bottle diet A&W
7p-2 sl lasagna, pint Arctic Zero w/ almonds & chocolate mint syrup, 1.5 Larabars, supps
Throughout day-2 quarts water

Carb refeed at supper. Overdid it and felt completely stuffed. It would have been better to do it PWO, but I knew it would be tough to return to a low-carb supper. And, Hop was supposed to be home to eat lasagna with me. Date night. But he was busy gutting deer...stupid boys.

Sleep: In bed 8 hours, 9p-5a. Solid, but wouldn't have turned down more. Same half Benadryl.

Body: Lower legs tight first off. Digestive system was stalled yesterday, freaking out this morning. Felt pretty awful for a while. Does perhaps indicate that low sleep may be what causes constipation...though still not sure what causes low sleep.

Vegged w/ Clyde and TV for a couple hours, which made me a little sleepy, debated a nap (before 9am?!) but I cranked up Pandora, read my last Dustin-less lifting workout, and got excited to reunite with my squat rack! Changed things up and that felt great.

PM pulls w/ 10-lb weight: 1, 2, 1, 1.

Brain: Bit blah until workout endorphins kicked in. Brunch at Heather's was a delight. Bacon & coffee & convo & sweet doggies for 5 hours!

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