Saturday, November 10

430a-fried egg, .5c kraut, uncured beef dog, Uberbar, c reg, supps
545a-c reg
8a- 4.21m walk/run
930a-omelet (3 eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, onions, shrooms, green peppers, tomatoes), hash browns, 3c reg, supps
1130a-bag Cholula jerky, bottle DCC
330p-2s turkey pepperoni chips w/ salsa, s chicken sausage, micro cake, .5oz coconut cashews, bottle DCC, supps
645p-pint vanilla Arctic Zero w/ PB2, cinnamon, dark chocolate - just like a Blizzard!
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Carb re-feed day. Did two meals, should've only been one, but I just plain felt like indulging; it didn't feel uncontrolled or anything. I was not craving carbs but fat, but Steve's direction was high carb, high protein, low fat. I also didn't restrict calories.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 830p-415a. Woke around 3 and dozed in/out trying to fall back. Ugh. Post-run, took an Epsom salt bath & a nap, 1-3p.

Body: Feeling decent but ankle tendon still slightly there. Wore old fatties on run. Could feel it after about a mile but didn't progress any. Lisa's knee acted up 1.67m in, so we walked; ran 2 short spurts to test her knee, no good. Each time we restarted running my tendon felt worse. Okay while walking. GD. Iced in afternoon.

10-lb weighted pulls: AM 1x6.

Brain: Tired but spent morning being productive (LAPW, bill paying) so I could be lazy in afternoon. Post-walk/run brunch at Northwoods with Lisa & Joy was delightful!

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