Monday, November 5

445a-2 fried eggs, .5c kraut, chicken sausage, c reg, supps
6a-c reg w/ stevia & cinnamon
630a-taught class (did warmup, demo'd each move, did pyramid of pain x3)
745a-2c reg w/ pumpkin tea flavoring
830a-2c reg w/ pumpkin tea flavoring
1015a-s coconut flakes & Sunbutter
12p-2.68m run/walk w/ Lisa
1p-5oz tuna, 2c roasted veg, oz almonds, supps
615p-4oz tilapia, c stir fry, salad w/ avocado & oil & vinegar, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 830p-430a. Solid, woke naturally w/o alarm. Love falling back!

Body: Outer right ankle tendon is tight again. Sticked it at home. Stairs down to Well felt like long-run aches/pains, but class warmup felt great. For a little while I was upset at the long-run pains, and then I remembered the run was YESTERDAY not Saturday, so still feeling it today made sense. Sometimes I'm just a complete idiot.

Foam-rolled before run and found sore spots in both outer shins. Run/walk felt really good but outer right ankle got a bit worse about 20 minutes in. Wore Vibrams. It continued to be annoyed rest of day - not bad standing normally, but pissed when walking or standing on right leg. Spent a couple hours half-freaked by this pain, until I remembered there were a couple near-falls yesterday on the trails. So this pain is 99% likely just a very temporary aggravation. Whew! (This is exactly why I need a Chief to keep me away from the ledge. I seem to be magnetized to it.) Sticked again at home in eve.

10-lb weighted pulls: AM 1x6, PM 1x5.

Brain: Doing okay. Feel like I get punched in the gut each time I see Sandy's door, which is directly across from mine, so it's a bit rough. Buried myself in work. Luckily it's month-end so I sure have plenty of it!

On the off-chance anyone reading about my work issues is jumping to conclusions, the talking I did with TC last week was simply about me being interested in leadership. Not an offer or commitment of any sort, merely a "This is an option Sabrina would be interested in if we would go that way" type of conversation. A daunting challenge, but I'd be up for it. But very daunting! Anyway I'm pretty sure it will be at least a month before anything is decided, and I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if they parceled out Sandy's job 8 ways and didn't replace her, sales being super duper awesome and all.

Meanwhile, I need to give the tax firm a heads-up if my hours there will be reduced. I feel like that may happen no matter what is decided, at least until we survive TS's annual audit in February. Ugh. I really hate feeling as if I am letting them down. They certainly count on me & my hours to get plenty of tax returns kicked out, and I do really enjoy working there, but there's only so much Sabrina to go around.

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