Monday, November 12

3a-.5T MCT oil
445a-fried egg, .5c asparagus, hot dog, 2 GF waffles w/ SF syrup, c reg w/ stevia, supps
6a-c reg
630a-taught class (did warmup but stopped jumps, demoed all other moves)
715a-Americano w/ SF syrup
830a-2c half-caff
945a-2c decaf
1030a-coconut flakes w/ Sunbutter
1245p-oz almonds, 2c decaf tea, supps
215p-personal training
345p-oz almonds
645p-salad w oil & vinegar, pork stew, supps
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

Chilly in afternoon, as if I were fasting. Otherwise okay.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 845p-430a. Woke at 3a, hit bathroom, took a hit of MCT oil, back to bed...mostly wide awake, but dozed a little bit. This after two straight high-calorie days...fuck it all to hell.

Last night when I got out of the shower, I stared at my bottle of Benadryl and felt completely torn. I really wanted to take some, knowing it would give me solid sleep for once. I also did not want to take any, knowing there are long-term side effects, and it doesn't actually fix the problem: crappy sleep is a symptom of something else, and that is what needs to be fixed. But I don't know what "that" is. I literally started to cry. That's how very beat down I was yesterday. Somehow, I didn't take any.

My next thought: I could reduce caffeine intake. I typically only have it in the AM via coffee, but maybe the quantity is just too high. Other than that, I gots nuthin'. Fingers crossed that Steve has ideas.

Body: Still feel the ankle just as much as yesterday (ARGH!) but all else feels pretty great. Session went fantastic, benched 105 easily - I don't understand it!

10-lb weighted pulls: 1x5.

Brain: Tired but better than yesterday, especially post-session awesomeness.

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