Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, by far, and always has been. It's all about gathering together with your peeps and enjoying each other. No obligation other than showing up with some food and a nice attitude. I love the pure spirit of thanks and gratitude, with no gift obligation, no worries about meeting others’ expectations, nothing to do but tell your loved ones just how very appreciated they are. What holiday could be better than that?

Well, my birthday, obviously! (Come on, this blog is all about me, folks, don't act shocked.)

So here's a fun observation: Thanksgiving is not a set date, it's simply the fourth Thursday in November, a moving target - but no matter the date, my birthday ALWAYS falls the week of Thanksgiving. This year it's the Saturday after; next year it will be the Sunday before. But always the very same week. (I was born the day after Thanksgiving - I like to claim I was the world's worst case of holiday indigestion!) Oh, and a bonus: you know the "Monday's Child" nursery rhyme? Well, "Friday's child is loving and giving" - that's me!

I like to think about the Thanksgiving/birthday closeness as my constant reminder to display an attitude of gratitude Every. Single. Day. However, like many of us, I often fall short of that ideal. Sometimes very, very short - and especially so for the past couple of years. So going forward, I'm going to make that a higher priority. And at least for today, I'm going to turn all of my usual complaints into positives. Here goes!

-TS stress: Being this busy means I have serious job security, many learning experiences, plenty of growth opportunity, and the chance to prove myself worthy.

-Tax season stress: I am a huge help to DBB and their clients, and that extra money is a big part of what makes my life's luxuries possible (Hi, Dustin!).

-New house stress: Those nice paychecks, as well as my ferocious savings drive & my hard-working husband, are allowing me to buy a dream house. Soon I shall have a basement workout space that'll make the boys & girls drool, a warm garage big enough to make the boys drool even more, a yard my cats can freely roam, no neighbors, and a big ol' huggable pooch!

-Old house stress: Even if it takes a while to sell our place, or we decide to rent it out or sell it C4D to someone who stops paying, it's not going to be the end of the world. I have a pair of incredible parents with both the ability and the desire to help out if something goes bad. (They are obviously the source of my ferocious savings drive.)

-Shin stress: For starters, after hearing about an NSS client who just suffered amputation, I still have this shin, and all of my original body parts. Second, I am sure my body is truly benefitting from this forced running deload. And finally, when I do get to run again, I am sure my brain is going to love every single step I take toward Boston.

-Sleep stress: Every day that goes by, I get more in touch with my body. So many people don't have the slightest idea why they feel like crap every day, while I have the drive and ability to figure out what mine needs, what it loves, what it hates. This knowledge will certainly pay good dividends over the long term; after all, it's the only body I'll ever have.

-Body comp stress: Being fatter than I want to be is a sign that I have more than enough food to eat. That's a luxury much of the world's population cannot claim.

-Volunteer stress: I have the ability and time and heart to help worthy causes.

-Social stress: Juggling so many plans with friends & family means I'm loved. I am surrounded by a multitude of wonderful, amazing people, and I couldn't ask for a better gift. If you're reading this, chances are pretty damned high that you're one of those incredible people, and I feel fortunate beyond all earthly measure to have you in my life. Thank you.


Now, please give me a birthday gift: use this as motivation to do the same with your list of complaints. You'll be amazed when you realize how utterly fantastic your life really is.

Peace and love, my friends.

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