Thursday, October 4

515a-2 fried eggs, venison sausage patty, .5c sauerkraut, 2T coconut butter, c reg, supps
645a-c reg w/ stevia
745a-Americano w/ SF syrup
930a-Larabar, 2c decaf
12p-personal training
130p-Awesomesauce, bag Cholula jerky, supps
3p-2c tea
545p-.5s coconut flakes
630p-salad w/ avocado & oil & vinegar, 3oz steak, s coconut butter, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Legit hunger pangs at 1230p (VERY weird) and at 530p (not weird). But serious fat cravings, specifically coconut flakes / coconut butter / nuts. Why? Also craved a pop mid-afternoon. Not for the caffeine, just something besides water. Had tea instead, but it was a very forced effort.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a. Choppy but no more weird dreams, feeling fairly rested. At least, I was rested until my drive to NSS, when I started listening to a podcast on sleep and could NOT stop yawning! Ha. I turned it off and am really only linking it so I can read the transcript later instead.

Body: All-over stiff first thing, including low back, but fine once I got moving. Digestive system is still "off" and I don't know what the deal is. (Improved throughout the day.) Session = AWESOME. Enough new/change that I pretty much had no chance to get anxious about deadlifts and they felt excellent. Thumbs were whiny little bitches immediately afterward though. Slightest back annoyance late afternoon, but not bad, and perhaps more related to work stress. Bee sting just a faint pink now, but still itchy.

Big bright spot: Heather telling me I "must be doing deadlifts" because my ass is looking good. Everyone needs a friend who will compliment their ass, amiright?

Brain: Doing okay. Loooong busy work day. Seeking the balance of how late to work, which really is how much I want done today vs left for tomorrow vs unforeseen work that will magically appear tomorrow vs how early I want to get up tomorrow vs I definitely don't want to be here past 5 on a Friday so I guess I should plan to be here until at least 530/6 today vs I am getting paid for 40 hours but will probably work 48 vs the longer I stay the worse my attitude gets!

As I talked to Lisa last night about how much work I have to do in October, I got a little panicky! Then remembered that I thought the same about September, and survived. Somehow, I will also survive October. And I will survive by saying NO to some things: sitting out of the Fall Social, knowing I couldn't eat anything (and didn't want to, at 330p - what the hell?) and would be unable to enjoy "team time" due to fretting over my never-ending work pile; skipping an evening farewell party for a coworker that I might regret later but simply wasn't feeling up to attending tonight; or like when I realized that with canceled races, I could volunteer at the TC marathon, but that means I wouldn't be at home cleaning & de-cluttering like I need to be, and this is pretty much my only real chance to get that stuff done until November.

Somehow the cold weather feels good to me. As coworkers came in this morning they kept saying it felt like winter out there and I was wondering if I work with a bunch of sissies or what - because I didn't think it was that bad! So I checked the weather and it was actually 36F (with high winds) - so maybe I'll survive winter okay!

Quote: Rog Law is on FIRE this week!
Life isn't a zero-sum game. Just because someone looks like they're running through life with a cheat code enabled and is winning extra hard doesn't mean that you're losing.

There's enough out there for everyone to win. Promise.

Whenever you have the chance, use whatever powers or influence or super sweet skills that you have to help someone else level up their life.

When they when, you win, and we all win.

-Rog Law

Pic of the day: Wild Duluth 50k elevation profile.

Bring it on!

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