Sunday, October 28

7a-2 fried eggs, .5c asparagus, s chicken sausage, sl bacon, c reg w/ splash almond milk, supps
8a-c reg w/ stevia
1130a-6oz chicken, 2c stir fry, c reg, macaroon, supps
12p-decaf almond milk latte
430p-2c Heather's chili, few bites roasted veg, salad w/ avocado & oil & vinegar, .5oz almonds, c senna tea, supps
730p-micro cake
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Back to fat-loss intake of 1700. Felt fine all day.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 1030p-630a. Can't believe I stayed up so late again! This time I was vegging on couch w/ cats & TV so it was practically like sleep.

Body: Lower legs stiff, upper body also a bit stiff. Felt very dehydrated when I first got up, weirdly. Shin muscles: no tenderness already! Right hip flexor is tight (was also tight after race). Digestion is off once again, and I just plain didn't feel like doing any pulls.

Brain: Got to see Hop for almost a whole hour this morning. Wow! Little Miss Productivity today: super productive time at home, lots of work completed at NSS, shopping errands.

Food prep:
-meat: 5 servings tilapia w/ onion; to eat daily at supper w/ a giant salad
-veg: 7 servings stir fry (batch: lb broccoli, .5 lb kale, lb chard, .5 lb peppers, onion); to eat daily at supper w/ fish & salad
-starch: 6 s roasted veg (batch: 9x13 pan of 4 roasted beets, celeriac, dozen carrots, few parsnips, few turnips, tiny squash, sprinkled w/ honey BBQ seasoning); to eat daily at lunch (PWO) w/ can tuna
-asparagus or kraut for breakfast w/ chicken sausage & egg
-more salads will be made tomorrow night
-I also bought a fresh on-sale artichoke with no idea what to do...perhaps this?

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