Saturday, October 27

415a-2 fried eggs, 2 chicken sausage, .5c sauerkraut, c reg w/ half c almond milk, supps
515a-c reg
7a-.5s pumpkin seeds, half bottle DCP
830a-10m Monster Dash
10a(post run)-banana, oz bag chips
1130a-s pumpkin seeds, bag Cholula jerky, half bottle DCP
130p(restaurant)-cobb salad w/ Greek dressing, mushy apple, Americano w/SF syrup
5p-4s coconut butter, 9oz rotisserie chicken, pint Arctic Zero
730p-4 coconut macaroons
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 5.5 hours in bed, 1030p-4a. Woke at 3:30 and fell back, woke to alarm. Otherwise it was solid - though definitely not enough. Half Benadryl.

Body. Pretty decent. Outer right ankle tightness, but not bad. Race went GREAT. Ankle got tight right after but nothing bugged during other than a potential blister (wore old clodhoppers). Stretched a fair amount post-run, but was also in a car for 3 hours afterward, ugh. Stiff and tight each time I got moving again. At home I did a tiny bit of fall clean-up & fetched groceries, and I felt better even with that little bit of movement.

Shins are now tender again, about like they were on Tuesday or so, but I am feeling confident that November will happy them back up. Easy shorts with Lisa during the week, and medium trails on the weekends until the snow shuts them down. Maybe the Turkey Day 5k so long as I don't build up some stupid pressure about it in my foolish head. Boston training to commence in December so that I can do a long slow build and reduce the risk of injury.

Brain: Pretty awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed spending so much of the day with Lisa, and the race of course was a ton o' terrific. I'm actually really grateful for the forced stop at the porta-potty, because without it we might have pushed ourselves harder and had less fun. I'm also excited that Lisa had a little nugget of learning, being able to log an 8:00 final mile exactly because we'd gone so very easy in the first 9. It's such a fantastic feeling to finish strong & fast. (Mind out of the gutter, kids.)

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