Saturday, October 20

615a-bag pork jerky, 3 MEB, can Zevia, supps
7a-2c reg w/ SF syrup
8a-22.51m...2/3 of 50k
During race-10ish MEB, 5s Ultima, 4 salt tabs, some HEED (I think; it was labeled water but sure didn't taste like it)
130p (post-run)-bag pork jerky
230p-2 banana slices, bag bacon jerky, 2c reg w/ SF syrup
3p-12-minute ice bath (& hot shower; Mike & Jennah rock!)
330p-2 MEB, can Zevia
6p-10oz pistachios, 2c decaf w/ SF syrup
8p-2 waffles w/ lots of coconut butter
915p-5 MEB, bag pork jerky, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 945-615. Solid until 4 or so, then woke often. Excitement plus a terrible bed. (With no comforter!)

Body: Upon waking, stiff achey feet, and back to sore left ankle. Fine once I was moving. Until shin & knee pains stopped me, I was having a truly fantastic race. 12:16 pace. Fuck you, body!

Brain: AM: Ready to run. Thinking of how far I have come in 5 months. Grateful. PM: Thinking I am right back to where I was 7 months ago. Hell, 4 years ago. So frustrated. Where do I sign up for amputation?

So so sorry. I know you are probably really beating yourself up right now but once you are done with that...remember how far you came in the past 6 months. Crazy to think you just ran 20 freaking miles on hard trails! You are still Wonder Woman and don't ever forget that!
-Lisa Timmerman, best running buddy in the WORLD

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