Saturday, October 13

6a-2 scrambled eggs, mini energy bar (MEB), chicken sausage, 2 bacon dates, 2c reg, supps
730a-11.49m run
During run-3s Ultima, 2 MEB, salt tab
1030a(post run)-MEB, 2 Larabars, salt tab
1115a-10 minute ice bath, shivering the whole time
1215p-salad w/ balsamic, 3 sl turkey, 5 bacon dates, few grapes, med apple, 2c reg, supps
2p-4 Heatherbars, can Zevia
4p-s Ultima
430p-5.25m run
530p(post run)-Larabar, s Ultima
545p-10 minute ice bath
7p-2 fried eggs, 2 sl turkey, salad w/ balsamic, med apple, supps
8p-c decaf tea
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a.

Body: Really good, except my digestive system, which seems to hate the Heatherbars. First run was quite technical but went well. About 7/8 miles in, technicality got extra challenging due to fatigue, wet slippery rocks, and wet slippery shoes. Few near-falls, but I stayed upright and injury free!

Tried to nap 115-2p, gave up. Probably shouldn't have had that coffee. But it was hot and delicious!

Second run was super strong. Bit of a strain on outside of right foot but not too concerned.

Acne: Reacting to something. WHAT?! I haven't eaten out, I haven't indulged in fucking ANYthing. Unless somehow something was "contaminated" which wouldn't surprise me.

Out of the ordinary in the past few days: pork jerky; brown sugar jerky; bacon dates; Joy's pumpkin pie; Heatherbars. So again: WHAT?! At least if I ate something amazing like pumpkin cheesecake I could semi-justify it.

Well, no, not true. Nothing is worth the trade-off. I am thankful my reactions are not more serious, but it's pretty painful to hate your own face. Which I did, all weekend, which took some of the fun out of the grand adventure.

What also took some of the fun away was having to bring and make almost all of my food. I didn't expect them to meet all my requirements by any means, but it gets exhausting and feels unfair that I'm always making all this effort and still having reactions. Incredibly frustrating.

Brain: Did have a few moments on morning run where I wondered how the fuck I will be able to do the 50k without Dustin's presence (& chatter) to keep me going.

The answer is: I just will. I don't need anyone else to get me through it; I have ME.

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