Recipe: Apple Pie Filling

In a little dish, mix up:
-1/8c sugar-free syrup
-half scoop vanilla protein powder
-teaspoon Warm It Up mulling spice
(might be a little chunky, no worries)

Into a bowl, dice an apple. Microwave it until soft. I did 2 minutes, which left the top bits with a leetle crunch & the bottom bits quite soft.

Pour the sauce over the "baked" apple and stir to coat thoroughly. Your sauce will smooth out with this gentle heat.


You now have a tasty protein-y low-calorie version of apple pie filling. And, super bonus, a tasty protein-y low-calorie way to approximate caramel!

Made as above, filling only:
80 calories, 10g protein, 8g carbs, 1g fat

Variations: stevia or other low/no-cal sweetener, plus cinnamon, if you don't have old TS products hanging around your house. Other flavored protein powders would work too. Use any variation of syrup depending on your caloric needs.

This recipe was inspired by my promise to Holea (a straight-out lie, at the time) that I would bring her apple pie tomorrow, made from Dustin's apples. I decided to challenge myself and semi-fulfill that promise - easy peasy!

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