Monday, October 29

445a-fried egg, c kraut, chicken sausage, c reg, supps
6a-almond milk latte w/ cinnamon & stevia
630a-taught class (did warm-up, stretching, tested ideas for next month, burpee finisher)
8a-2c reg
915a-2c half-caff
10a-coconut flakes & Sunbutter
12p(restaurant*)-chef salad (chicken, ham, hb egg, tomato, romaine) w/ oil & vinegar
2p-2c decaf tea, supps
7p-4oz tilapia, c stir fry, salad w/ half avocado & oil & vinegar, 2 macaroons**, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

*Lunch meeting at Bistro To Go. Highly recommend for this reason: told her about my allergies, she said "No problem, just tell me what you want on a salad and we'll make it." Talk about service!!

**These are irresistible. I brought them to work, where my willpower is usually strong. I brought these two home to I couldn't eat any more than the allotted 2. Genius!

Diet Summary post has been updated.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 830p-430a. Woke naturally, without alarm, and it was solid. Half a Benadryl.

Body: AM pulls3x3, forgot in eve. Still some right hip tightness, otherwise I am feeling really good. Digestion starting to come back around but not normal yet.

Got super frustrated/stressed just before lunch (technology issues) and almost immediately felt low back anger, literally within 10 minutes. Whoa.

Couldn't run at noon due to meeting; too mentally shot after work to care - I also had some house-purchase runaround to deal with today. Bleah!

Brain: Doing really well. Still feeling very "even" - purposely keeping myself moderated a bit, aware of the dangers (and my tendency) of flying to extremes. Channelling my calm, mellow, inner Dustin.

Also, I read another genius "We are talking to you, Sabrina!" post on the Whole9 blog. Hits home. I do feel like I'm coming up out of my almost-two-year low, but some days are still shaky, and I'm trying to be very aware of the things that pushed me into that low.

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