Wednesday, September 19

5a-Uberbar, few bites pork, c reg, supps
545a-half Larabar, almond milk latte
630a-taught class; did warmup only
730a-2c reg
9a-2c half-caff
10a-2c half-caff
1230p-salad (chicken, cranberries, tomatoes, cukes, onions, stray bits of cheese*) w/ raspberry vinaigrette, 2 glasses Diet Coke
230p-oz almonds, supps
645p-3c veg w/ guac, 3.5oz carnitas, 3 sl turkey pepperoni, supps
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

*Free lunch with CFO & small group, at Geneva Grill. It was good, but I had to pick out the shredded cheese on my salad that wasn't fucking listed on the menu. GD, I hate that. I should be able to say "Hold the croutons," and be done with it. Not, "Listen, I'm allergic to every-damn-thing so no croutons, and also no cheese, no ANYTHING ELSE besides what it says RIGHT HERE. Don't get creative back there!" I don't want to be the person who makes a big deal out of their order, and yet apparently I have to be. I can't. That person is an asshole. I'm anti-being-an-asshole. And thus I pick cheese out of my salad, like a stupid meek mousy idiot.

I was In A Mood at supper time and very much wanted to EAT MORE and make it sweet. Managed to resist out of sheer determination and willpower. Quite the struggle though.

Sleep: In bed 7.5 hours, 9-430. Wide awake at 4 and couldn't fall back. Ate a quick breakfast because of the poor sleep.

Body: Pretty good, felt great to do class warmup. Could feel squats in my glutes & "back hams" more so than usual inner/back thigh. Glutes/hams got more sore in afternoon. Sat ~1.5 hours during lunch. Low back got a bit annoyed around 3pm. Perhaps because I was slouching angrily at my desk. Frustrating project.

Acne: Started reacting to something again 2 days ago. I am pinpointing the vegetable oil coating the dried fruit in the trail mix. Because I am so fucking blessed that I can't even eat dried fucking fruit. Or because even dried fruit has to be coated with shit.

Brain: Very frustrated by project work. Many instances of wanting to give up and walk away and procrastinate (or just not come back) but of course I can't. In fact, adding stress to the frustration was knowing that I should have gotten top of this a month ago, but I couldn't, and when I could, it was month-end close (and I have yet to find a clone) or it was vacation (and without that I might have gone postal...still concerned that I might). Pushed on until I hit 11.5 hours; gee, not bad if I were hourly...ugh...made myself leave. It'll be here for me tomorrow yet. (But tomorrow afternoon is eaten up by the United Way snack sale and I have to leave early tomorrow night for LAPW and Friday for NSS and when will I get this shit done?)

Mid-day I was buoyed by the chili cook-off. Didn't win (not even close) but it was fun working it. And my experimental chili was phenom, which was the true bonus. Dare to experiment! (And ask Joy for advice before you jump!)

Made a bunch of snacks at home for the UW snack sale tomorrow: sweet beer bread made into mini loaves, mini muffins, and bars; spiced pretzels; trail mix (a use for the dried fruit!); and also just repackaged some Elden's treats because I am lazy like that. I half suspect I will have to fetch more tomorrow because so few people signed up to bring stuff. And I'm in charge of this sale. Eff!!

How did I survive campaign week last year while Lisa was on leave? Not very well, I imagine...

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