Sunday, September 2

7a-3c reg
930a-2 fried eggs, t mustard, English muffin, 7ish slices thin bacon, c cubed cantaloupe, 2c reg, supps
2p-2.75-hour nap
5p-fried egg & 3oz roast pork & Todd County guacamole, on English muffin, micro cake w/ coconut butter, 2 cookies, supps
9p-micro cake, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Nice big carb boost today, for long run tomorrow.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 12a-730a. It was absolutely terrible, as I was on an air mattress with Amy. Those things are a fucking joke unless it's just you. Woke often, felt like hourly; up at 630 for bathroom, then dozed a bit waiting for everyone else to move. Naptime about 15 minutes after I got home! Spotty for first hour, as cats were weird, but I feel I got a solid 90-minute cycle after that.

Body: Very tired, obviously. Hips achey still, and shins a tiny bit sore from yesterday, but I expected worse. Definitely not enough energy to lift, damn it all.

Also, allergies definitely won out over Benadryl yesterday, too much outside time I guess, and still kind of feel lingering effects of itchy eyes today.

Brain: Really good, just tired. Was going to attempt races (hence the looong nap) but had no one to sit with. Again. I need more friends.

But not too upset, since now I can go to bed early to rest up for trails at 9am!

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