Saturday, September 29

615a-2s pumpkin seeds, c reg, supps
7a-2T Sunbutter, almond milk latte, s Ultima, salt tab
8a-4.25m run, solo
845a-.5s pumpkin seeds, salt tab
9a-12.19m run/walk w/ Lisa
during-3s Ultima, 3s BCAAs, 2 salt tabs
1230p-s Ultima, can Zevia, salt tab, Uberbar, bag pork jerky, 1.5s pumpkin seeds, 2oz roasted cashews, s honey stingers, .5 bottle DCP
130p-Uberbar, 3T coconut butter, supps
2p-2-hour nap
4p-.5 bottle DCP
6p-8oz steak, .5c Brussels sprouts, c roasted veg, pint Arctic Zero w/ raspberries, supps
Throughout day-2 quarts water

Sleep: In bed 9 hours, 9p-6a. Very solid; the alarm woke me!

Body: Glutes sore. Once again: THANKS A LOT DUSTIN. First part of the run went well despite the soreness; didn't feel like it was affecting anything. I take back the screaming. We're cool, Chief.

Around 12/13 miles, though, I began to spiral down. I feel like it was a combo of things: (1) too MANY electrolytes (3 bottles Ultima/1 water vs the usual 2/2, and more salt tabs as well) not balanced by enough pure water (total cotton mouth; almost all I could think about was ice water!); (2) the sudden heat when it's supposed to be 30 GD degrees cooler; and (3) I probably need to concede I am not as fat-adapted as I want to be, since I fell apart in the same range (12/13m, 2ish hours) as I did last week.

However, walking it out allowed me to finish feeling quite good, considering - so I suspect I actually could have ran it out without cramps/injury - but I know I would have felt like ass, much like last week. I feel wise like an owl, saving the body a bit for tomorrow's hills. The shortened recovery was the primary goal of this binge weekend, not "miles at any cost" - so I am still accomplishing that. And I'm learning more about what to do for both T&S and 50k weekends, just learning it the harder way.

Brain: You can see by my post-run eating that I was unable to keep from eating e.v.e.r.y.thing I had brought with (almost...I avoided 1 Sunbutter packet...but only because I bought cashews when I stopped for water). But post-nap, things were back under control and I ate for health again. And gained perspective as I wrote up the runs and realized how much I had learned from the morning. Good stuff. Hit water and veggies and protein like it was my job!

Also, the hubster (who worked 7a Thursday to 8p Friday), got to come home for a full night of sleep (!) last night, so I got to feel like a good little wife, making him breakfast, promising to make homemade breakfast-to-go items this weekend, and agreeing to shop for snacks and deliver w/ a meal at supper tonight. But when I called after my run, he said he expects to work overnight and be home tomorrow AM - then be done pumping for a few days. Hooray!

And? Next weekend's running deload sounds like it might be a good time to hike Inpiration Peak. I bet it will be beautimonius.

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