Saturday, September 15

9a-can Zevia, supps
10a-5m walk
4p-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, c roasted veg, bag Cholula jerky, few almonds, can Zevia, supps
6p-bottle DDP
830p-bag pork jerky, bottle DP
10p-bottle DDP
1230a-oz roast beef, 2c raw veg w/ guacamole, pork chop
2a-few almonds & banana chips
Throughout day-3.5 quarts water

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 1230-830. Again, terrible quality. Ugh! Read/napped 3.5 hours, 12-330.

Body: So tired. Decided to take a walk rather than run. Walk was mostly fine but my shins felt a bit sore, wore Vibrams. Enjoyed the bit in the woods along the river and listening to Ace & Preger, good stuff. Post-nap, feet felt a little sore.

Brain: I tallied calories first thing and almost cried. Knew a fast day would be the ticket to resetting my mind. Couldn't decide what I SHOULD do, though, what would be the smart option. Decided to get my walk in to reset the brain and then wait to eat until I was truly hungry, not just snacky, and stay away from the dried fruit since carbs beget carbs. Post-walk I showered which made me sleepy so I enjoyed naptime and delayed eating even longer.

Mini victory: I actually threw away my remaining 2 cookies, and snacked on almonds & banana chips only by tossing the fruit in my handful of trail mix.

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