Monday, September 24

5a-c reg, supps
530a-Sabrina's Awesomesauce, unsweetened almond milk latte (bleah, needs stevia)
630a-taught class (warm-up, stretches/3rd world squats/wall sits, finisher [jump squats])
745a-2c reg
10a-homemade energy bar*, 2c decaf w/ stevia
12p-3.36m run w/ Lisa
1p-5oz tuna, c roasted veg, med apple, .5oz almonds, supps
330p-oz almonds
6p-.25s sunflower seeds
645p-2c raw veg & turkey pepperoni chips w/ TC guac, 4oz carnitas, supps
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

*Quite tasty! I might share one with you...I'll accept either begging or gratuitous compliments or both. 250 calories apiece, roughly 75 from protein, 75 from carbs, 100 from fat. Or if you prefer to think in grams, 19/19/11. Size is half a muffin tin. Compact calories fo' sho' - but the flavor is bomb dig.

Sleep 7.5 hours in bed, 9-430. Wide awake at 4, dozed for a while. Got up feeling good & rested.

Body Feeling good! Tight right Achilles & calf, but only noticeable on stairs, really. Until I ran, and then it became quite noticeable around the 2-mile mark or so. Nothing concerning though. AM pulls 2x2. Forgot in eve.

Brain: Really good. Very happy to get Chiefly approval on a running-binge plan for this week (that I expected would be returned to me with many holes shot through it).

Lots to do at work, and logged another 11-hour day, but this time I am managing my stress levels appropriately. Mostly because today I actually feel confident this project will be completed on time. However, the past several months have taught me that a couple of my coworkers are always killing time in the last week of the month, super chatty, popping in all the time, etc, so I am pre-empting them by keeping my ear buds in to look busy & un-visitable. So far, so good!

And just for fun, here's a taste of what I'm dealing with this week:
If inventory containing unrealized intercompany profits is sold during the period, consolidated cost of goods sold must be adjusted to reflect the actual cost to the consolidated entity of the inventory sold; if the inventory is still held at the end of the period, it must be adjusted to its actual cost to the consolidated entity.

Whoops, it looks like you fell asleep there; how strange, I can't understand why! It's delightful stuff, innit?

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