Friday, September 28

530a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, cabbage wedge, energy bar, c reg, supps
630a-almond milk latte w/ stevia
730a-Americano w/ SF syrup
930a-Joybar, 2c half-caff
1015a-Joybar, 2c half-caff
130p-4oz carnitas, c roasted veg, Joybar can Zevia
4p-2.72m trail run
515p-2c raw veg w/ oil & vinegar, 2 energy bars, s seeds, supps
7p-Arctic Zero & PB2 (aka, closest I can get to a Butterfinger Blizzard)
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9-5. Woke in early AM for bathroom, tossed & turned for a long while before falling back (no idea on time, didn't look, guessing 3am-ish, and blaming late eating) - but was solid when I did. Had an awful dream, though, before waking. Yeesh. Woke naturally at 450, dozed for 20 minutes just to see if I might fall back, but couldn't.

Body: AM pulls 2x4. PM pulls 2x4. Usual aches upon first steps outta bed, bonus soreness in upper back (pulls? pushups? - but mild) and glutes (not mild, and from banded walks, and THANKS A LOT, DUSTIN) but otherwise really good.

Brain: Excellent, considering low-quality sleep and work stress to start the day.

Early on, I reconciled myself to this novel idea: mental stress is not much different on the body than physical stress. So I decided that if this work day went to shit (I spent most of the morning assuming that post-Steve I would need to return to TS, then go back to NSS late in the day) then I would NOT run trails tonight as planned. I theorized that the mental stress PLUS the run (though short & on trails) would cause more stress than I truly needed. I am only trying to replicate like 2/3 of Train & Stay stresses this weekend, no need to push beyond that. I feel like that mental realization deserves a couple gold stars!

I spent over half an hour talking with Heather, and while part of my brain was busy screaming at me to GET BACK TO WORK, it was very bucket-filling to have a normal, friendly conversation about things and get back to "us" again.

And then? I somehow got my shit done and was able to stay gone all afternoon. Hooray!! I guess I can be uber-productive when the deadlines are slamming me.

Met with Steve: Body comp progress has been made! Interesting since that is not the goal right now. He did not provide details (I don't want them), and part of me is saying "Eh, I hadn't had much water yet, I had not just trained, different day and time" - so I am not actually putting a whole lot of stock into it, not getting too worked up or excited.

The main thing is that  running has been going pretty GD fantastic - which obviously is the goal at this time. I need to add 1-2 s dark leafy greens (bok choy, spinach, chard, kale, etc) per day which will be SUPER easy (simply add greens to my raw veg, and more to my roasted veg). As for calories, I am to eat by feel. Maintain what I have been doing when it feels good, eat more when warranted. Next meeting will be Monday after T&S, for an hour.

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