Wednesday, August 8

5a-protein bar, bag jerky, c reg, supps
6a-mini Larabar, c reg w 2T coconut milk
630a-taught class; did warm-up & demo'd finisher (ball walks & monkey hustle)
930a-2 HeatherBars, .5 oz almonds, 2c half-caff
12p-3.5m run w/ Lisa
130p-6oz chicken, .5c roasted veg, sm banana, HeatherBar, supps
5p-5.67m walk/run w/ Lisa
630p-salad w/ HB egg & half avocado, toddler squeeze pack*, c tea**, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

*Apple, spinach, & rutabaga: gross. I bought a bunch of these to taste the flavor combos and figure out what I might want to make myself, to be used for potential endurance fuel. So far they basically taste like applesauce. Except this one. This one was nasty. And it was supposed to be my dessert! Jerks.

**Joy! Hibiscus coconut tea, which is a pretty bluish purple. Extra pretty & double NOM when coconut milk is added. You want I bring you some?

Sleep: AWFUL. 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a. Up at 1a for bathroom, then WIDE AWAKE until at least 3a. Almost got up and ate breakfast but by that time I was finally starting to feel sleepy again. Woke naturally just before alarm went off. Somehow felt fine. Decided it would help with "true" Ragnar training!

The only thing I can pinpoint is that supper was higher-carb & -calorie than normal. The frustrating thing is that it was not actually HIGH carb or calorie. My carbs came from my salad (carrots, peppers, what?), a medium apple, and the giant T of cocoa in my micro cake. For real?! Anyway, today I boosted calories at breakfast & lunch, shifted in from supper; will see if that affects anything. (Very determined to stick to a level caloric plan so that I can really learn how much to eat.)

Or it could just be a result of being in a calorie deficit. In that case, what do I do? Eat a little more? Suck it up? I don't know!

Body: Given the terrible sleep, I should have felt awful. Instead, I felt pretty good! Class warm-up felt excellent, legs didn't even feel sore or heavy or anything despite yesterday's squats. First run: a nice challenge, not too much, not too easy. Super duper tired about 3pm, nonstop yawning, but I just laid into the water and that helped. Legs got heavy over the afternoon, got the "fat knee" feeling, so I hit the foam roller before the eve run. That first mile felt bad in a "no way we can keep doing full miles even with walk breaks," but everything after that was really good! Came home and hit the water and vegetables and was in bed embarrassingly early.

Visible results starting to come along in upper belly. YES.

Brain: Good. Busy day, including finishing up last night's LAPW stuff. I need to upgrade my home Excel version and/or get that Excel-on-iPad thing working for me. Also, I realized (oh, about 2am) that I started making a bunch of stupid little mistakes last night about 7pm, to the point where I should have simply shut right down. But I forged ahead and took twice as long as I should have...clearly you don't want me doing brain-work for you after 7pm! Also, title of this post? Initially was Tuesday. You clearly don't want me doing brain-work for you at 7am either! How on earth did we close early, and what kind of mistakes will I find in my post-close reconciliations?

Whatever. There are no tricks. Run because you have to. Run because you love it. Run because you want to be fast. Run because you want to be skinny. Run to find some quiet time. Run to sweat. Run to eat. Run hear your heart pound in your ears. Run because you're a runner. Run because you gotta keep the streak. Run because you don't know why the hell you're running. Run because you fought with your partner. Run because your job is shitty. Run because you got no money. Run for the sunrise. Run for a race. Run because it's impossible. Run because it's easy. Run instead of doing the laundry. Run instead of watching TV. Run because no one else understands. Run because the cool kids do it. Run because you're tired of talking. Run for numbers. Run for feel. Run to prove something. Run because it fucking hurts. Or don't run. If you got something better to do.
-Jeff Edmonds

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