Wednesday, August 22

515a-2c reg
630a-150 burpees
830a-c reg
9a-can DC
12p-2pc bbq chicken, salad (greens, tomatoes, olives, cukes, peppers, celery, carrots, no dressing), glass DC
1p-6.75 oz trail mix, can DC
215p-Americano w/ SF syrup
530p-3.75m run
615p-3.25 oz bacon jerky, 1.5oz pumpkin seeds, supps
730p-3oz brain food
Throughout day-2 quarts water

IF: No breakfast. Shitty hotel continental with carby fruit or bouncy ball eggs as my only option anyway, not tough to skip that. Hungry at 10a, otherwise felt fine!

Sleep: 6.5 hours in bed, 1030-5. Sleep was solid, but not long enough. Felt very tired at 4p, but rallied...perhaps just the boring session?

Body: Felt damn good until lower back started to hurt at 10a. Walked and stood AMAP between sessions but it got worse as day went on. Fine during run, though began to annoy again afterward.

Brain: Good. Different mirror/shadow views show that my legs are looking leaner than I realized. Nice!!

Felt a little deprived at lunch, expected a better salad bar. So go ahead and eat 6 servings of trail mix?! Dumb ass.

Goals for tomorrow: less caffeine, more water, less overeating, more standing.


Never underestimate the awesome fantastic superbombastic effect that surrounding yourself with positive people who have your best interests in mind can have on your life - training, nutrition, and general outlook on everything.

Make it your goal to find the people that only serve to drag you down or hold you back and kick 'em out of your world - it's far too awesome for them.

-Rog Law

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