Tuesday, August 28

615a-fr egg sandwich w/ honey mustard, c sauerkraut, s chicken sausage, c reg, supps
730a-c reg w/ 2T coconut milk
9a-Simple Squares bar, 2c reg
12p-personal training
130p-5oz tuna, 2c roasted veg, oz almonds, can DCC, supps
230p-an apple off Mary's tree!
6p-salad w/ half avocado & balsamic, 3oz pork roast, supps
Throughout day-3.5 quarts water

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 9-615. Up for b/r at 415; debated staying up, but was tired enough to fall back.Otherwise most excellent. Probably could have kept sleeping but for Oscar being a pain in my face.

Body: Quite good! Felt excellent in session.

Brain: Very good. Feeling optimistic about life again. Even managed to air up all 4 tires without wrecking anything...unlike last time, when I broke the valve stem and watched the tire instantly deflate, and had to cough up $80 to fix it. Go me for not being an idiot this time!

Another "go me!": as LAPW Treasurer, I am supposed to be on the Recognition Dinner committee, since we sell tickets and someone needs to collect dinero, and that person has always been the Treasurer. I very politely told them I can collect funds at the meetings/events that I will already be at, but that was all they could expect from me. I don't need to help plan the thing, and I don't WANT to. I had just done some more running around on the bank accounts, so I was in No. Mood. Polite but firm "no" = something I need to get better at and say more often.

Hop is not having much fun. They left for ND yesterday and just got started pumping at 2pm today. That blows. I told him to focus on the moolah. Then in the eve he said it might only be 3-4 more days. Hooray!

Boston: Received email: my entry is confirmed...Commence freakout...Just kidding. I'm feeling okay about it. It's also 8 months away yet. Decided I should sign up to volunteer at the Twin Cities Marathon. I could turn it into a visit with my favorite cousin so that I have a free place to sleep, and then soak up the marathon atmosphere and inspiration on race day.

AND THEN: when I got home, there was a magazine that is all about the 2012 Boston Marathon, the "Racers' Record Book." Stories about winners, temps, comparisons to other years, congrats to you on finishing (shut UP!) and allathat. Every finishing time is listed for both genders - I suppose it's a hell of a keepsake to see your own name in the history book of Boston.

Here's what caused my body to produce goosebumps (and tears): had I run Boston with my TC time, I would have placed 778 among women...out of 8995. Holy. Fucking. Shit. That is the top 8.6%. Granted, it was hot as blazes, but even to add 5 minutes would only drop back to #1060, still top 12%. And let's remember that TC was my very first marathon. With the right training, shouldn't I be able to improve on that time?

I still have goosebumps. And my stomach is churning, but in a good way. It is the exact same feeling I had when the online race pace calculator spit out a BQ time for my TC marathon projection. "What?! Me? No way! Really? Me? Really! I guess it must be possible, it's right there in the math...but...ME?!"

I think I have discovered some serious motivation to find out what I am really and truly capable of. Remind me of this if I falter, my friends.

Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.
-John Wooden

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