Thursday, August 2

530a-fr egg & 2 sl bacon on 2 sl GF toast w T honey mustard, c fruit, c reg w T coconut milk, supps
645a-c reg w T coconut milk
745a-2c reg
930a-Uberbar, 1 Caveman cookie, 2c decaf w stevia
11a-mini Larabar, 2c chai tea**
12p-personal training
130p-chicken breast, c stir fry, 1 Caveman cookie, supps
530p-kayaking w Amy
715p(Traveler's Inn)-salad bar (spinach, iceberg, green & black olives, hb eggs, few peas, 1 beet slice, sunflower seeds, few pieces fruit, oil & vinegar, picked herring [good flavor, poor texture]), 2.5c decaf, supps
845p-half Larabar, supps
Throughout day-4 quarts water*

*After all the 2am bathroom breaks this week, I think I'm going to stop myself at max of one gallon & no liquids after 7pm; see if that lets me sleep through the night.

**Tea-related tip: First of all you must know I'm super green and use the same mug for a week (or more) without washing. (Sound gross? Hasn't hurt me yet, nor my 55-year old father!) So my tea mug (as opposed to my coffee mug - when you don't wash, you've gotta keep 'em separated) always has yesterday's tea bag in it when I make a new cup. This time, I left it there and tossed in the new one...for two straight days. Today's mug was a fresh bag of Chai, a day-old Sugar Plum Spice, and a 2-day-old Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. Chai Plum Sleigh Ride!

Sleep: 7 hours, 1015p-515a. Up once for b/r; woke at 415 wide awake & almost got up, but managed to fall back. In too late due to hanging with Emma & family last night, and not solid..crapsticks.

Started feeling it about 11am, so I added a li'l snack and somehow chose tea over the truly-desired coffee.

Body: Upper back/neck area is really tight. Don't understand why, unless I slept weird. Given that several times I woke to Oscar's claws in my back, or my arms falling asleep, that wouldn't surprise me. Lower shins a little bit sore. Was debating a rest day tomorrow anyway; chat with Dustin cemented it. Session felt excellent, and upper back was in better shape afterward.

Brain: Doing very good despite low sleep. Almost put on my thermometer jeans this morning, but decided they'd still be tight enough to sadden me, so I avoided that potential pitfall. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and let the results come, slow though they may be.

I feel good & happy & all, but I keep making stupid mistakes. I spaced on bringing food yesterday, as if it were not something I do every single day. Did anyone catch that yesterday's post was titled MONDAY August 1 until I caught it this morning? I forgot to leave work early to get Emma a card yesterday. She's 10, whatever, she cares more about the gifts - but still: I had even missed her actual birthday! Good thing CherryBerry makes everything better.

Interesting side note: I watched her eat butter- & syrup- & whipped cream-laden panackes AND her CB sundae, and never felt deprived. I was happy to find a good salad option at Perkins and water at CB. This is a very good place to be.

WOD: Strength. As in this, one of my favorites:

Be careful whom you emulate: the herd, or the leader.
-Maxwell Maltz

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