Sunday, August 25

545a-fr egg, 1.5 sl bacon, med apple, half avocado w/ T salsa, decaf, supps
9a-smoothie attempt (cucumber & half avocado, not bad!), 2c half-caff w/ 2T coconut milk
10a-lightweight powerlifting
1130a(restaurant)-omelet (3 eggs, ham, onions, peppers), 2c reg, supps
3p-AZ bar, few forkfuls raw cookie dough, 4 or 5 tiny cookies
6p-pork chop, 1.5c roasted veg, micro cake, c decaf tea
Throughout day-2 quarts water

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 12-530 + 630-830. Woke up feeling totally hungover: dehydrated, depleted, perfectly awful. Ate breakfast and then immediately went back to bed. Still felt depleted & dehydrated, but a little more rested at least.

Body: Low back muscles hurt while sleeping, while heaving out of bed, just plain moving. What the hell? Made workout very lightweight and focused on form and proper movement. Stretched really well when done. Back felt a LOT better afterward. On feet a couple hours doing chores. May be hitting my seasonal allergies right now, eyes very red & itchy all day.

Brain: Tired. Spacey. Frustrated about feeling so crappy - obviously I need more sleep but is some of it nutrition, too? So tired of the analyzing... Dustin, did you see my question about working with Steve? I'm ready to just follow someone else's orders and stop thinking.

Boston: Registered. Talked about it with Amy today and decided I need to be okay with skipping the powerlifting meet in order to minimize Boston impact. It's only one time. I also think the biggest key to making it work mentally will be in consistently finding running partners for my long runs. Structure tax firm times around the ideal time for me to line up partners, rather than plugging in my runs around my work schedule. If that means I only taxercise 6 hours on Saturday instead of 10, then so be it. Again: it's only one time. The best thing, though, would be to really rediscover that love & passion for a long challenging run...why did that leave, where did it go, and how do I get it back?

Food Prep:
-5 salads (carrots, celery, cukes, red pepper, yellow pepper, banana pepper, green beans, purple beans)
-roasted veg (beets, cabbage, green peppers, eggplant, onion)
-chicken breakfast sausage (3 packages, enough for 2 weeks!)
-pork shoulder (honey bbq spice, splash of apple juice, 24 hours in slow cooker)

Acne: No reactions from Ragnar or from mixed nuts! Yay, but also: hmmm.

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