Saturday, August 25

630a-2 fr eggs, 2 sl bacon, micro cake, c reg, supps
830a-8.5m run/walk
During run-2s Ultima
11a-fr egg & 1.5 sl bacon on English muffin w/ T honey mustard, sm apple, dried peach half, c reg, supps
1230p-few sunflower seeds, can Zevia
1p-2c reg
4p-.5s sunflower seeds
545p-c roasted veg, T Sunbutter, bag jerky, s sunflower seeds, can DCP
7p-bag pumpkin seeds, bottle DCC
11p-English muffin w/ Sunbutter, supps
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 1030-630. Tried to sleep longer, couldn't. Very tired at 4pm, really hoping the races would rain out; gave in and napped 445-545 and was late to races. Caffeine got me through them.

Body: Got up stiff & sore & achey. Erectors really tight; thanks, deadlifts! Did not even loosen up during run, and of course whole body felt beat up post-run. Felt extremely drained & depleted & also foggy. Wished I had time for a nap very badly. Felt pukey after eating lunch.

Stayed very stiff all day; every time I got up, I looked about 83 years old. Pretty hott, lemme tellya. At races, sitting felt fine, but low back stayed tight, and upper back became sore as well. Pretty much felt like I'd had the crap beat out of me.

Brain: Doing well. Okay with the sad run attempt, know that I need some serious fucking rest to get back to feeling normal again.

Can't believe how messed-up I got over just a few days of a fucked-up schedule. It is really frustrating to be this stupidly sensitive.

I do not feel like I am training too much - or recovering too little - to feel this beat. Need to scan back a few weeks; I know there was a stretch when I felt good every day, sleep was solid, wasn't stiff and achey every morning...gotta figure out what the difference is between then and now.

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