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The Whole9 folks be genius. They've posted a list of ways to gauge your health that do not involve the scale.
It’s hard to find hard-and-fast statistics on this one, but we’re pretty sure that most U.S. households have at least one bathroom scale. One Canadian study reports that 40% of people weigh themselves daily, and another reports that a full 75% of regular scale-users are women. That’s millions of bare feet stepping cautiously onto millions of scales each and every morning, leaving millions of people to judge their personal worth by that digital number staring accusingly back at them. And regardless of how they actually feel, the majority of those people will be crushed, jaded, frustrated, embarrassed, angry, and dejected when they step back off; their sense of self-worth skewed by what we believe is a mostly useless measure of progress.
I absolutely do not miss seeing the numbers on the scale, because my mood could instantly change, skewing my self-worth massively. Even though I was still in the exact same body from 5 seconds earlier, that number would decide my day. Fuck that!

Check it out:

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