Monday, August 27

5a-forkful shredded pork roast, c reg, supps
6a-c reg w/ 2T coconut milk
630a-taught class, did warmup, static squats, stretching
8a-Simple Squares bar, 2c reg
10a-s coconut flakes w/ Sunbutter
12p-3.33m run/walk
1p-5oz tuna, c roasted veg, sm banana, oz almonds, supps
3p-.5oz almonds
6p-salad w/ half avocado & balsamic, c asparagus, pile of roast pork, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Diet Summary post updated. Last week's numbers are nothing to be proud of, but it was kind of time for a high week anyway. Or so I'm telling myself.

Sleep: In bed 8.75 hours, 815-5. Nice & long, and very solid (that's what she said! [sorry]). Took Benadryl for allergies, so that helped knock me out.

Body: Much improved. Low back still a little tight, but I no longer feel it with every single move. Good on run. Did a lot of talking while running to distract my buddy from her sore ankle, so probably capable of more/faster. Nice!

Sitting 2-415p, intially just due to the work I was doing (apparently I can't read while standing), but got super tired at 3pm so I stayed there. And had a snack. And got more water

Note of weirdness: tingling needle-y pain in left heel area when stretching with a straight leg & bent at hips. Pretty specific, innit? Also concerning...especially after reading the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Stupid Dr Google!

Brain: Too busy at work to dwell on anything. Good. Also hid a ton of people/businesses on FB so that I don't keep reading more and more and more about nutrition and fitness and everything - even the really good ones. I just need to Stop. The. Obsessing. (So if you read something good? Please share!)

I also emailed Steve. And got the packet of paperwork that felt overwhelming at first, but then I asked myself if it would take any longer to fill it out than the amount of time I spend staring at my spreadsheets every day...yeah. Sad.

Hop left for ND today, with no idea how long he'll be gone. I, the amazing wife that I am, even sent along the iPad. Now that is love, my friends, that is LOVE! (Never mind that him being able to take it pumping is half the reason I justified buying it. Shush.) Anyway, I can go to bed really early & should sleep pretty soundly, so that should help mitigate the loneliness.

Dose of Food Porn: Payment for the above dose of random babbling. And because it was so damn beautiful.

Two minutes of work. Twenty-four hours of slow cooking. Purefection.
Don't think you can't, just because you've never.
-Mina Samuels, Run Like A Girl

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